dutches beans

Discussion in 'Veggies' started by jack, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. does anyone know where i can find dutches bean recipe?
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    Oh Jack are you in trouble now. Once you make these you'll have a big ole pot going all the time. But DAMN are they good!!!!
  4. thank you sir
  5. I use the original beans when I doctor some. Unfortunately since we do not measure I am unable to post a recipe.

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     I used to do the same thing, I never measured and never wrote anything down. I took pride in considering myself a "seat of the pants" cook. Problem was, I couldn't ever repeat anything exactly the same way twice. In addition, I'd forget about whole meals, since I had no record of them. This irritated my wife no end. So I started using Evernote and just jotting down the recipes for things that worked out. I discovered that if I got it all down within a day or so of when I made it, I was a lot more likely to remember all the ingredients. Now I have a "cookbook" with a hundred or so of MY recipes that I can look through for ideas and even share with friends.
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    Been there...haven't done this 'yet'. Thx for the Evernote tip.....immediately found the site & will, hopefully, start organizing myself. I have scribbles everywhere...LOL....mostly on printed out recipes I've tried. I'm now looking for my bread & butter jalapeno pickle recipe.....where did I put that?? grrrrrr

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