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  1. Hi new member here The lads over at roll call said this was the place to be. I grew up in a family that is keen on duck shooting but haven't been for many years (life got in the way) However I have managed in recent times to resit my firearms licence, buy my self a new shotgun and get the shooting rights to 3 of the dairy farms owned by the farming company I work for and the duck (mallards, greys and paradise shelduck) season starts in 2 weeks. Add to that the mob of Canadian geese (up to about 700 some days) hanging around and I'm in game bird paradise I grew up commonly eating roast duck or pheasant, quail, rabbit pie,hare casserole,and one of my favourites pukeko soup But in this abundance there is a catch in that my wife (who I love dearly) did not grow up shooting or eating game and has told me in no uncertain terms that I will not be cooking any of the above in her oven so here I am looking at alternatives. I intend starting with the basics and building from there All advice will be gratefully received and of course I will keep you posted
  2. Welcome, are you asking for info on type of unit to suit your needs and budget? What other than game birds will you be cooking, type of fuel and how much you have for budget. Post these to start and you'll get a ton of responses.
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    I'm starting out with game bird breast and may try other small game but probably will leave other "larger" meats for now
    From what I've managed to find so far I should be able to have a go using our 2 burner camping cooker and something like but me being me a cheaper one. I also realise that I need to get a couple of thermometers as well. If I'm good so far then we come to things like wood chips pellets or dust, how much water, temperature, time brine recipes etc

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