Duck skin sausage

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Mar 3, 2011
Sydney Australia
Hello Fellow Sausagers,

This recipe is my version of a classic, probably French, which was the result of wanting to use every bit of an animal, wasting nothing.

The wonderful taste of the crispy duck skin on the outside, with whatever your imagination can create on the inside is an irresistible taste sensation which will cause normally reserved guests to jostle each other for the last one.......I suggest giving everyone a fork, put the last one on the table, turn the lights out......

RECIPE (For six small ) 

400g Pork mince 
50g Pork fat 
100g chopped home made bacon 
Pinch - Thyme - Cinnamon - Salt - Pepper 
Clove crushed Garlic 
50g Pistachio roughly chopped 
Six duck neck skins 


Mix all ingredients together. Wrap a small piece in plastic wrap, simmer for a few minutes and taste, adjust seasoning. 
Remove any windpipe, fat pieces and loose meat from the skins, tie one end tightly with kitchen string. Stuff a quantity of mince into skin, it is quite flexible so can be filled tightly. Close off the other end, cut off excess skin from ends. 
Three cooking methods; 
Roast in a pan @180º in oven 
Pan fry on moderate heat, turning to fry all sides until golden 
Slice when cooled 
Confit in duck or goose fat for 1 1/2 hrs, let cool, then slow pan fry until golden (this was my choice) 

Bon Appetito !

Welcome to SMF and were glad to have you aboard. Join in and share your experiences, have some fun and don’t forget to post our favorite.

The Qveiw

Why dont you tell us a little about yourself and what smoking experiences, equipment, etc.

Thats some delicious looking sausage you cooked up there.

You're making me want to start raising my own ducks!

I wonder what the result would be like if I subbed out the pork fatback for surplus duck fat that hasn't been rendered for confit...
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Interesting idea there Smokeaddict, and it looks very tasty too.

Welcome to SMF
I is a moose,

Interesting, it may render too quickly and leave a lot of empty pockets, but ideas are how new gems are discovered ! I remove a lot of the fat from the body end, so the fat is just what remains in the skin, enough to give the crackling like dusk skin. If you do it, I'd like to know !

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