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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by que-ball, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. que-ball

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    I picked up some sausage making supplies from my "local" butchershop (100 miles away), and as an afterthought added this bag of dried jalopeno peppers to use in a future venison brat and/or venison polish sausage session. I forgot to ask his recommendation for a starting ratio of peppers to meat. Any suggestions from you experienced sausagemakers?
  2. meat hunter

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    There are a few pepperheads on here, but one I would for sure talk to is ALX. Find him in the members list and send him a private message. Of course, he will probably chime in here on his own so be patient[​IMG].

    I just found a recipe in my book, for fresh sausage, but I think it could be applies to brauts. For a 10# batch it calls for 1/2 cup of jalapeno powder, 25# batch, 1 1/4 cups. I see yours is not powder so I'd say use a bit more, or you could grind some of that up. Just an idea.
  3. alx

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    Meathunters(todd) recipe sounds like the one CAJUNSMOKE13 is going to do with green japs.I believe his was for a 1/2 cup as well.

    I will PM him and ask if its the same meat to powder.I do much smaller batches of sausage and tend to do mixtures of my dehydrated peppers.

    Here are the ones i grew and dehydrated for cajunsmoke a few months back.I guess any excuse to show pepper pics[​IMG]
  4. que-ball

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    Man, you guys are quick! I only posted my question an hour ago!

    ALX, did you dehydrate your peppers seeds and all? Peeled or not peeled?
  5. mballi3011

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    Yes they are quick in facy I was looking att he package to see if I could see alex's name on the bottom of the package. I think he did some dried jalapeno's flakes this year.
  6. pantherfan83

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    Why don't you just call the butcher shop?
  7. coffee_junkie

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    Just put em all in!
  8. alx

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  9. cajunsmoke13

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    The one out of Ryteks calls for 1/2 Cup Jalapeno Powder for 10 pounds...

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