Double Smoked Ham (Bear Style)

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    Double Smoked Ham (Bear Style)

    I made a Step by Step of Smoking 2 Hams, and one of Smoking 4 Hams, so I figured it’s time to do a Single Ham.
    These are still the Best Hams I’ve ever eaten, so might as well go for it.

    Also Mrs Bear found this Fully Cooked Shank Portion Ham on sale for 99 cents per pound, so this 9.41 LB Ham only cost $9.32.
    I’d rather Smoke the Butt Portion, but WTH—It was only 99 Cents!!!

    You will see I got to use my Basting Trick again, by putting all the Skin & Fat Trimmings in a Foil Pan with holes punched in the bottom, so the melting juices can drip down on the Ham throughout the whole Smoke.

    Before I get started, here are the ingredients for the Glaze I used near the end of the smoke. I normally put this on for the last hour, but this time I put it on an hour earlier, because I didn’t jack up the heat for the last hour.

    Brown Sugar-------------------------1/2 Cup
    Maple Syrup--------------------------1/3 Cup
    Ground Mustard----------------------1/2 tsp
    Ground Cinnamon--------------------1/4 tsp
    Ground Ginger------------------------1/8 tsp
    Ground Cloves------------------------1/8 tsp
    Ground Nutmeg-----------------------1/8 tsp

    Heat in Microwave, and stir well before applying:

    OK--Here we go:

    The following is how I did it, but other ways are fine. These are all only suggestions.

    Remove Ham from store wrapping, rinse well, and trim most of the exterior fat from the Hams (save fat trimmings).
    Make cuts in surface of Hams, about 1/4" to 1/2" deep, all around the Ham, with openings of cuts pointing upward to catch basting juices.
    Pat Ham dry, and place on a wire cooling rack, in a foil pan.
    This time I put the Ham in position #4 in my new MES 40 Gen #2.5, and I put all of the fat trimmings on another rack, in position #1, above the Hams.
    The fat will drip down and baste the Ham.
    Note: This Smoker has 6 Racks, instead of 4.

    Here is how my times & temps went:
    8:30----------Preheat to 200˚. Also fill 2 rows of AMNPS with Hickory Pellets, and light one end.
    9:00----------Put Ham & fat in position. Also put AMNPS on Rack in #6 Position.
    9:15----------Internal Temp——39°
    2:00-----------IT----135°—-Open door & Apply Glaze with Spoon——Heat Dropped down to 150°.
    2:08-----------IT—-136°———Smoker temp back to 208°.
    2:30-----------IT—-138°———Smoker temp at 201°.
    3:30-----------IT—-142°——-Reset Smoker to 150° to stop cooking.
    4:20-----------IT——144°————Pull Ham
    4:30-----------Slice and eat.

    Thanks For Stopping By,


    My new MES 40 Gen #2.5 has taken over the active platform:

    Closer Look:

    Current Victim——9.41 LB Ham, Shank Portion, Fully Cooked & Smoked:

    Before Trimming:

    Trimmed, with Skin & Fat removed & saved in “Green” container:

    New experiment—Clothes pins holding probe cables to keep probes in place:

    I’m still doing tests, so I have a probe on each side of the rack the Ham will be on:

    All the Skin & Fat Trimmings in a Pan with holes punched in bottom. This will baste the Ham through the Smoke:

    Through the glass, you can see Basting Fat pan on #1 Rack, and Ham on #4 Rack:

    Burning Pellets separated from unburned pellets for future use:

    Ham at 144°, and time to remove:

    Basting Pan of Skin & Fat is mostly spent after 7 hours:

    Ham ready for slicing. Note how the cuts I made when prepping opened up to accept juices & Glaze.
    Drippings in bottom of Pan will be used to make Ham Gravy:

    Another View before slicing:

    First few slices—For Supper:

    Too be sliced Thin for “Ham & Eggs”, and for Sammies:

    Bear’s first Helping for Supper———Mrs Bear’s Awesome Ham Gravy on Mashed Taters. Also Sugar Snap Peas:
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    Bear wow what a meal to awaken to from my nap.Now I am super hungry thanks for sharing and the recipe for the glaze.


  3. driedstick

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    I sure wish your pics would come up on my computer, dang work restrictions!!!! 

    I will check it out from my phone.

  4. floridasteve

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    WOW, another hunk of meat to look for good sales. Gotta keep that freezer full!
    Points for another great step by step!
  5. Makes my mouth water, I love ham and that looks fantastic, Looks like the new smoker

    is doing it's job  Nice job as usual my friend  [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]


  6. driedstick

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    YEPPERS Looks great - Nice Job Bear!!! 

  7. c farmer

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    That looks soooooo gooooood.      [​IMG][​IMG]

    I only have one in the freezer since the last sale, been just kinda keeping it but I just might have to make it now.
  8. Hey Bear  I think you need to send your new smoker down here so I can do do some further testing

  9. bearcarver

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    Thanks Richie!!!

    And Thanks for the Point !!

    Thank You DS !!

  10. Looks like I have another meal to try.. yum. Thanks. Great idea with the fat drippings.
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    More Points !!!!!!!!!

  13. Looks Great!!    I need to pick up a few hams.  This is the only way we'll make a ham.

    Points are well earned..   [​IMG]
  14. bearcarver

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    Thanks Steve!!

    And Thanks for the Point !!

    Thanks Gary---And for the Point !!

    Yup---New Smoker's working Great !!

    Thank You Adam!!  And for the Point !!

    LOL---I hate Frozen Hams!!----Gotta Heat 'em up & put some smoke on 'em!![​IMG]

  15. bear that great looking ham there.[​IMG]

  16. bearcarver

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    Thanks Gary, but I've seen the Awesome Stuff you turn out on that Machine of Yours!!

    Thank You Jill !!

    Glad You Like It !!

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  17. Great post as usual, Bear. I have been thinking about a nice ham all week. The wife asked me what I was gonna do this weekend and I told her "Bear talked me into doing a double smoked ham" Off to the store I go.
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    Very, very nice smoke Bear ! That looks awesome.... Great price Mrs. Bear found too ! Thumbs Up
  19. bearcarver

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    Thanks Kurt !!

    Thank You!!

    Thank You!!


    And Thank You Guys for the Points.

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    Thanks Danny!!

    And Thanks for the Point!!

    LOL---Thanks Hamrhead!!

    I'll take the blame!


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