Door handle welding caused warp

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Original poster
Jul 5, 2016
First off, amazing site and group of people here.

I did a search on this, since I would imagine its a common issue, I i didn't want to ask a question for the 1000th time, but I did not find much relevent info. So if I missed them, I apologize for the redundancy.

After welding my handles on the offset smoker doors, I got this warping.

I tried a strap contraption to attempt to bend back, but of course that did not work. 

Would anyone have any suggestions to remedy this?

Below is a wide shot of project... (yes, I know I have some pitting.. but there's plenty of meat left) ... Its my first welding/steel project

I am not a welder, but I have helped a lot of them building rigs, Can you heat it try to bend it some or use a hammer and dolly to try take the warp out? It would take some of it out , reinstall continually to check fit.Unless you have access to another piece? 
I would find something sturdy with a gap that you could put center of bend over gap and use a bottle jack to push it. Some creativity with a chain and bottle jack should work also. Corners need to be pulled down and center pushed up. Just be carefull you don't end up changing it somewhere else by being to aggressive.
Take the door off...   Support it with the warped edge parallel to the floor, supported on solid wood blocks, hang the hinge side from the rafters to support it...   Hit the door with a BIG F'n Sledge hammer... check for straightness and repeat.... 

That will work too lol. Depending on length of door and thickness of metal you may be able to jump on it even.
Dave has the idea.     Jumping on it or dolly and hammer ain't going to work.

I have a 40lb sledge and a steel table 3" thick to sort out wayward doors.

Dial down the welder and you only need short welds to hold on a door handle.

The moreyou weld the more likely it will warp..

I don't weld on the inside of my doors any more, just beat it with a BFH.
Thanks Dave, reporting that your suggestion was successful in bringing doors back to being close enough for a gasket to seal it up.
Good deal....   Glad you could get it "straight"....   
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