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Does anyone know of a new and larger sized Masterbuilt Propane Smoker?

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by dbarnett66, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. dbarnett66

    dbarnett66 Smoke Blower

    I just spoke with someone at Bass Pro Shops and he stated that they just got in a brand new Smoker from Masterbuilt that will most likely replace the GOSM big block. The salesman said it is the exact same dimensions as the GOSM BB He stated that the price is $199. He also said that it is better than the GOSM due to stainless steel burners and double wall construction. I have looked high and low, and can find such a beast anywhere. IF I was not 120 miles away, I would drive up today and give it a look. I was hoping someone might have seen this smoker before I make the trek.
  2. dbarnett66

    dbarnett66 Smoke Blower

    I will try and post some pictures tonight. My wife is visiting her grandmother and she agreed to swing by the BPS store and pick one up for me. I spoke with 2 people and they both stated that both are the same size units. Some differences that were mentioned:

    1. Side latch - to tighten the door. The sales rep stated that it resembles the same kind of latch that is seen on the electric model.

    2. The door is double walled. Inside door wall appears to be galvanized? Not sure. The rest of the walls are single walled.

    3. The smoker tray is cermaic and not cast iron. I have cast iron skillits just in case the ceramic does not work.

    4 The vents are sliding vents that are located on the sides of the unit that close completely.

    5. Salesperson said it is heavier than the GOSM.

    The slaes rep stated that she has 3 smokers and one of them is a GOSM. I flat out asked her if she felt that the new Masterbuilt appeared to be of the same quality construction. She stated that it appeared to be the same or slighty better build quality. She is a fan of GOSM , but thought this would be very close. I will keep you posted.
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  3. beer-b-q

    beer-b-q Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member

    Look forward to seeing it and hearing about it...  I tried searching Bass Pro and Masterbuilt web sites but found nothing on them...
  4. dbarnett66

    dbarnett66 Smoke Blower

    I managed to take some pictures. they are not the best quality since I am way exhausted from a full day. I have not even cracked open the box yet. the total cooking surface area is around 1350 square inces if I remember correctly, so it is a smidge smaller. Not sure about the porcelain coated wood chip pan. I will pull stuff out of the box in a couple of days and take much better photos. The price was $199.



  5. beefcake

    beefcake Newbie

    I just picked one of these up an hour ago. It certainly seems very sturdy and roomy. One thing that I saw lacking were no grease deflector on the door, not a killer though. I'll be seasoning it all week and will do some smokin this weekend. For $200, it looks like it'll do for my needs.  I too am a bit leary about the ceramic coated pan but there's ways around that if need be.
  6. caiguar

    caiguar Fire Starter

  7. I just got home from Bass Pro with my new Masterbuilt XL propane smoker. $229 + government gratuity.

    Supposed to be there new largest model. Seems like plenty of room for goodies. I have not tried it yet, but you can guess it won't be long.

    Fired it up on the patio to burn away any residue and it burned and held heat real well. I was a little worried that the burner would not stay lit in the wind we had today, but it worked great. However, the large 40" smoker cover is too small for the unit. I guess I will have to go back and see what else I can find.

    I will let you know how it works soon.
  8. New MB XL is all seasoned and ready for the first smoke. Actually, it will be the first time I have smoked in a real smoker.All my previous experience has been with open pit and trying to smoke with a gas grill. This will be a lot of fun.  Tomorrow will be an 8# butt.

    I was not happy with the door seal as it was seasoning, so I went to the woodstove store and got some sealer gasket. Nice tight fit now and holds heat better. I have unlimited apple, cherry and maple, but the rest is hard to come by here. I'm sure I can dig some up somewhere.

    Looking forward to figuring out how to upload pics. I've got more time on my hands than good sense, so there will be some good experiments to share.
  9. dbarnett66

    dbarnett66 Smoke Blower

    Man I am excited for you. I have yet to season mine. I need to fill up a propane tank tomorrow. My first planned smoke will be 4 chickens. Did you have a problem maintaining temperature? I live in East San Diego County, so the lowest temps will be in the 50's and 60's most of the time when I smoke in the winter. Or it can be 113 in the shade during a heat spell. Very rare events though. Just like the time it 22 degrees at 4 in the morning. I don't think I will ever see that again. [​IMG]

    The only wood chunk I have is a 40 pound bag of pecan chunks. I will get some fruit wood when the xmas tree guy sets up his tree lot again. Post some pictures of the door seal mod, as I am very interested. At least, I could save a little propane....

    Dan in East San Diego County
  10. Haven't figured out the pics yet. I'm up to my ears with this smoke and working at the same time. I'll get it figured out soon. I am, however, taking the pics to post later.
  11. The Model my wife just got me is larger. This is what it looks like (found pics of someone elses on this site) Just finished "Seasoning" it thanks to the help of people here and am looking forward to using it tomorrow :D  (Model# 20050611)

  12. That's the same one I have and it was the largest at the time. It works pretty good, but has it's draw backs. Such as...legs are flimsy, be careful when moving it. I added braces to mine.

    Door leaks badly, I added stove door seal to close it up.

    It is hard to keep the temps low at times, ie, when the wind is blowing it wants to go out a lot. I am considering adding a skirt around the bottom to control this problem.

    I am also building a stainless steel tank and tube to feed the liquid tray without opening the door for too long and losing heat. The tank will sit on top so that the liquid stays warm and can be released with a valve into the liquid tray inside.

    This should keep the temps more consistent.
  13. eggie

    eggie Newbie