Lucked into an original New Braunfels

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Feb 26, 2024
I started smoking years ago on a little Masterbuilt electric smoker my father in law got me as a gift. From there I graduated to a hand me down cheapo offset from my dad when he got a pellet grill. It was beer can thin and leaked like a sieve but I managed to learn it well enough that I could make some pretty darn good barbeque on it, but it made you a slave to it both feeding it and managing temperature spikes.

Anyway, I realized I was pretty much maxed out with my cooking with the old cheapo and it wasn't too far from rusting out anyway so I've been perusing FB Marketplace looking for a deal on a better unit. That's when I came across this guy.









The guy was probably 70ish and was in the process of selling his house and downsizing stuff. He bought this smoker new in the early to mid-90s per his recollection and hardly ever used it. It's been sitting in storage for years. It's about as close to new as is possible for a 30 year old smoker. I'm thrilled to have it!

Got new gaskets and thermometers installed today.



I'm going to sand down and restain the wood pieces, touch up the paint in a few spots, and I'll probably put metal wagon style wheels on it. I just prefer that look personally. May extend the smoke stack but honestly it's drawing really well as is with a small, very manageable hot spot right at the firebox and even temps across the grate. Biscuit test turned out great after a seasoning smoke.


You can see the hot spot here.

Honestly, I think I'd rather leave it with a very small, well defined hot spot and have a top down cooker than play around with baffles. I'm basically just losing the first 6" of the grate.

Gonna throw a brisket on it this Saturday and let it rip.
I have one heavily modded . Great little smokers.

What mods worked best for yours?

I see you're in western CO. We lived in Evergreen for 14 years and strongly considered moving to Ridgway before ultimately bouncing back to western NC to be closer to family and a lot lower cost of living.
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Just curious what ballpark number would a guy have to pay for an offset like that? I have a pellet and a Weber grill but always wanted a real smoker. Just wondering if I could afford something like that. Thanks
What a nice Score!!! Looks like a very nice smoker, very clean looking! Looking forward to some cooks you do on it!
That's around what I paid for mine new. It's a whole lot more worn than that one though.

Yeah, $200 used to buy a quality smoker. Inflation adjusted that's roughly $400 today. You definitely can't buy a comparable smoker new for $400 today.
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