Do I have everything I need to make a summer sausage mix?

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Dec 3, 2011
SW Oklahoma
Been using PS Seasoning packs and adding a few spices. Now we want to do it all from scratch. Heres the list of what I have. Let me know what else I need or dont need. 3#-pro-con plus soy protien con.
5#-PS maple cure
1#-milk powder from Butcher-Packer
1#-sodium erythorbate
1#-encapsulated citric acid
1#-hunters special meat binder
And 1# bags of spices--paprika, garlic, celery, mustard, coriander, tellecherry
pepper. We also use high temp cheese, fresh jalapenos. Ive been looking at recipes and trying to figure what to use. Main concern is cure and what ever else. The spices we will figure out as we go.
Havent really picked one. Just trying to copy the PS seasoning plus added spices. We are using deer and elk. Doing 75/25 with pork trimmins. I have a book by Rytek Kutas .
Yep thats how I started too. 3 yrs ago I took an elk to Tulsa to sigies"dont know how to spell" anyway this was the best Ive ever had. Ive tried fron colo to texas to ok. Well last year was my first year to make. After 5 sessions and 125# of sausage we got something we like real well. But was using a packet and additions. Here I am now getting ready to start a new season. Have 2 elk and 4 deer in freezer ready to go!!!
What is PS maple cure.... does it have nitrite/nitrate in it.... do they tell the %.... do they give a ration of cure to meat suggestion...
Its from PS Seasoning. I should have put in the whole name. I will look tomorrow for ratio. This is there cure. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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