discounted sausage stuffers

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Oct 14, 2012
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Just a heads up if anybody is looking for a stuffer.

I was at Gander mounttain in Knoxville TN yesterday, picked up a 15lb sausage stuffer ((guide series)) for 50%off. I paid $124 and some few odd cents for a brand new in box 15lb vertical stuffer. The knoxville tn store also had 10lb vertical stuffers but don't remember the price on them.  The 5lb vertical stuffers were $59. They also had a guide series grinder @ 50%  off #12, 3/4hp for $215.

The GM website has the guide series 15lb vertical stuffer listed at $137.99 with free shipping on orders over $50. 

Just wanted to share with yall incase somebody might be in the market for a new stuffer.

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What a great price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
J.C., Thanks!

I got me one of those lil grinders on sale.  
Might be time to pick up a 15 pound stuffer....

Odd thing is they have two 15 pound stuffers on their website.  One is $137 and the other is $160.  The photos look identical except one photos is taken from the right side and the other the left.  Both descriptions say they have nylon gears.  But the comments in the ratings area say the gears are black steel.  They look like steel in the photos too.

Anybody know what the difference is?  And does anybody know if the gears are steel or nylon?
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I picked up the newer model 15 pound stuffer yesterday for 160. Metal gears instead of plastic.
Are the metal gears really necessary for someone that would only make #5 of sausage per month?  I kinda think for limited use and if I am careful the nylon gears would be OK, but I sure do hate buyers remorse.

thanks all.

I think the extra 23 bucks is worth getting gears that have no chance of stripping.

as for web prices, the 137 is last years model with plastic gears, and the 160 model is current with metal gears.
No they are not a "must have" or "deal breaker" item.  I have a Kitchener 5 pound stuffer from Northern Tool with the nylon gears and have never had an issue.  You can also buy metal replacements for those nylon gears if they ever do break.  If they come with steel at that price, it is another plus.

I think the general consensus is you can damage them if you try to keep cranking when the plunger has reached the bottom of the stuffer body or if you try to stuff too dry a snack stick mix into very small casings (say 17mm out of a 3/8" tube).  Some people have put jam nuts on the threaded rod to keep from bottoming out.  I just marked the silver threads on mine with a black sharpie marker so I know at what point I am in the process.

The 5 pounder stuffer is just fine, but if you are doing larger diameter casings or a lot of sausage, that 15 pounder sure looks tempting.
Wow!!! I just popped over to the LEM website and the hardened black steel replacement gears for the 15 pound stuffer are $127 (just for the two gears).   So if you want metal gears, you better buy it with metal gears. Makes the extra $23 well worth it (if they do come with metal gears - description says nylon, but all the 15 pounders I've seen are metal and the gears in the photos are black.  The nylon ones I've seen are all whitish and all black geared sets are metal - but it might be worth a call to verify).

Changing out the 5 pound model is still $25 (when they are in stock).  Wonder why the 15 pound gears are so much. Might be less demand so less volume?

I did see Gander has stainless steel #12 grinder blades for $4.89 which is a very good price.
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The way I had it explained too me from the manager in Knoxville was the cheaper guide series (($140)) was the older model. New model is simply a new box. Martin (diggingdogfarm) has it right, steel gears for sure. yes, the description says nylon gears, but I can promise you, it has steel gears. The description also specs it as being 

 8"H x 4-7/8"W, those are a 5 or 10lb stuffer. 15 is almost 10 high and just under 8 wide, so what im sure has happened is descriptions got messed up on website. In my 2nd picture, you might be able to see the lathe  marks where they cleaned up the cast gear before painting it. Just putting your minds at ease fellers and fellerettes, the guide series for $140 ABSOLUTELY has steel gears.

The gears on the Gander Mountain 15 lb. stuffer are steel.

The Sausage Maker is the only place I know of that sells a 15 lb. similar style stuffer with plastic gears.


Yeah that.... I bought the 15 lb gander mnt. stuffer a few months ago and the only one that had a plastic gear was the 5 lb. My stuffer was the one that cost $ 229.00
Have a 25 lb Sausage Maker and a 5 lb LEM. This last summer got a 15 lb Gander Mountain Guide Series with metal gears for $160 and free shipping. The quality of this stuffer is definitely worth anything under $200 all day long.
This is GREAT!  Spent an hour+ grinding 6lbs of chuck last night with my slowwwww KitchenAid attachment.  Just bought the 12.5 grinder for $107 plus free shipping.  So excited!  Thanks for posting this.

Here is another $10 you can apply to the thing too.

In the promo code box enter GMT10 and it will take another $10 off ....
Thanks for the heads up and the coupon worked!

133.11 total for the 15# stuffer! they charged tax, which is fine by me.
This is GREAT!  Spent an hour+ grinding 6lbs of chuck last night with my slowwwww KitchenAid attachment.  Just bought the 12.5 grinder for $107 plus free shipping.  So excited!  Thanks for posting this.

Curious as to what's going on with your grinder. I have the newer (and by all accounts inferior) version of the KA grinder and can usually grind 8-10lbs within 10-15 minutes, not counting prep time. I usually grind on the 3rd speed setting, which I believe is labeled "4" on the mixer. The prep time consists of cutting into 1/2" strips and par freezing them on a sheet pan for 45 minutes to an hour. I wonder if you have a dull blade or something?

I'll wholeheartedly agree that the KA attachment is MISERABLE as a stuffer, but I've been pretty happy with it as a grinder for small batches, sorry yours is giving you trouble. Congrats on the new grinder though!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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