Did the Crown Roast yesterday

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Nov 19, 2020
Turned out great but a little disappointed for the lack of smoke except on the outside. Family loved it which is good because these things are huge! We’ve still a lot leftover with some food n the freezer.
Thanks y’all….got a TON left! The plan is to Sous Vide and a quick sear when we eat it next…and again….and again ;)
Tonight’s dinner is Brisket and Burnt Ends.
I’ll need a diet after Christmas, NY Eve and Day (crab legs on NYE and Greens/Blackeyed Peas/Sausage/Bacon on NY Day here in Arkansas) and my birthday on the 2nd!
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Thanks y’all, really appreciate it as I’m a novice; Jeff’s instructions were spot-on! It really was tasty and we had a lot left so it went into the freezer…bones and all…so it will get used for all manner of things. Already used some of the inner-most meat (less smoky) for a quick stir fry.
We have the kids and some of their friends over tonight so chopping some of it up for BBQ sandwiches. That, and the leftover brisket and burnt ends from last week.
I’ve managed commercial food service operations for decades and we call this the ‘cooler cleanout’ ;)
Looks awesome! Better keep the stretchy pants handy with all your meals!

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Looks awesome! Better keep the stretchy pants handy with all your meals!

That’s what I like about my job as a nurse. I wear scrubs all the time and this time of year the drawstring don’t get pulled as tight. And generally when I’m at home it’s lounging pants.
sounds like you got lots to eat and snack on.

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Man what a beautiful piece of meat! Nice work! I've yet to do one of these.
Thanks. All in all it was pretty easy following Jeff’s recipe. I’ll say it’s a lot of meat and not cheap; think it was like $90 at the butcher.
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