Deli style roast beef. And more.

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Steve H

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Feb 18, 2018
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Since it was just me and the wife for Thanksgiving yesterday. We opted for something different. I started out by making the roast beef Wednesday. I went with making my own because it would have cost 30.00 for 2 pounds at the store. I made almost 4 pounds for 20.00. Plus, I like mine better. It isn't injected with a ton of stuff.
The bottom round was just shy of 4 pounds. I gave it a generous rub of Kinder's The blend after I allowed the roast to reach room temp.
Then put it in a 500 degree preheated oven for 15 minutes. Removed. And lowered the temp to 200 degrees and inserted the temp probe. And returned to oven.
Let her go until it hit 130 IT. And pulled and tented with tin foil. And let it cool. After it cooled I put it in the fridge overnight.


Yesterday I got out my LEM slicer and sliced it good and thin.


Came out perfect! Now onto the next stage of the meal.

Philli cheesesteak lasagna.


Saute 4 diced pablanos and 1 large diced white onion. Cook until slightly tender.
Then add two 28 ounces cans of tomato sauce and 10 ounces canned, drained mushrooms.
And 1 teaspoon red pepper flakes.
Salt and pepper to taste.
Bring to boil. Then lower to simmer. And let it cook for an hour.
Now it's time to build!


Start layering the sauce, noodles, meat, and provolone cheese. I also add a few dollops of cheese whiz on each layer.
I'm just weird like that!



Set the crock pot high and for 5 hours, it was ready after 4 hours though.
Sorry, no money shot. But it was absolutely delicious.
I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving!
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Wow Steve. That's a good looking meal. Wish I would of listened to myself and did something different. I not a turkey fan and told myself no turkey this year. Ended up getting a boneless breast from Aldi. Was probably the worst turkey ever had. Oh well. I do like them in pop's brine OK but that way to much bird for me.
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Looks great Steve and creative too. I’d have to have a sandwich or three of that beef too! Cooked just how I like it.
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Well I have to say I have never seen that before, looks tasty though! Nothing wrong with adding cheese is a great flavor enhancer. It’s the Demi of
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I suffer for three days after thanksgiving, something in the turkey gives me indigestion. I couldn't go to bed until 5am this year. I will never eat turkey again. I was thinking of an answer and this looks perfect. Thank you, and looks delicious.
That does look delicious! Nice job Steve! And thanks for the idea of something different.

The Philly cheesesteak lasagna sounds like a great idea and I bet it had to be awesome with the homemade roast beef! Hell, that roast beef looks good enough to stand on its own with a little horseradish sauce on bread. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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