Dear Abby , help I'm in trouble

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Sep 23, 2008
jackson ms.
When my CB-500 portable grill showed up for christmas my wife pointedly said " I think you have enough grills now"
On some of the forums I peruse people say, if on a budget buy a cooker on Craigslist.
Fine & dandy but where I live you never hardly see a cooker I'd want & the few you see are 80% or more of new
Well new years nite I was watching the Fiesta bowl & while bored I looked on Craigslist & they had a WSM for $100. I'd never seen one ,but knew they are $300 new.
I called the man , he said he'd gotten  a BGE for Christmas, the cooker was in great shape & I told him to consider it sold. I'd had to work this holiday & my wife went to New Orleans Sun AM to go to the Saints game & see the children.
Got the WSM Sunday after work, it had very low use, I'll mount a thermometer & it'll be fine.
Mom's coming back tonite & I'm going to soon have to fess up or move a cooker to hunt camp.

Pic of " Thin Man, Little Man & Fat Boy"
Nice line up so lets see some smoke and qview coming out of them - Congrats man - easirer to ask for forgiveness than permission
Hey Lostarow...I come from a long line of dirt farmers, so your handle caught my eye.  Welcome aboard!

yeah... the wifey and cooker thingy can be troublesome if you let it!  Mine finally gave up.  I've drug home and built more BBQ shit than any one person should... but I use it, enjoy it, and turn out some decent Q every once in a while.

If their mouths are full, it's a lot harder for them to argue with ya!!

keep up the good fight, brother - we are in it with ya!

PS PS PS - Where are the shots of your your new score???????
I have to agree with Walle, I've been married for 19 years. Show her that she doesn't have to cook for a night and she will be less willing to say no after the fact...LOL

I thought that I had alot of smokers 4 and 3 grills. I do think that I see a little room over in the far corner for another good size grill maybe. Now I do like the liitle man in the middle cause even thou we have the Jag's here I have always had a thing for New Orleans and the food. 
Bummer Dude! I feel your pain.

My wife once told me she thought having a motor home, a 28” 5[sup]th[/sup] wheel camper, and a cabin was a bit excessive. In order to keep the peace I had to sell the motor home, the 28” 5[sup]th[/sup] wheel camper, and one of my boats. 

Can we all come over for a smoker party as long as we promise to leave as soon as your wife is spotted rounding the corner? 
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