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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by ibbones, Feb 14, 2016.

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    * Went to smoke some hot dogs and turned on the smoker, set to 225* and put the seasoned dogs in, walked inside and came back half an hour later.  The temp was 78* and outside temp was 75*.  Had smoke but no heat so I set the weiners on the grill so we could eat.

    A few days later I had some time and I remember reading a bunch of threads about the same thing so I pulled out my screwdriver and took off the back panel.  Yep, one of the wires had burned up and was no longer in contact with the (tech term) blade thingie.  I dug through my spare parts and found one set of spade clips and it just so happens they were the same size.  Cut off the bad part of the wire, stripped it and crimped on the new connector .

    Just want to shout out to SMF and BIG THANK YOU to all who have gone through the same thing and made it easier for someone like me to fix it.  Without this group, there are sooo many things I would not have tried.
  2. Look at a company such as Whaley food service repairs and order you some high temp nichrome spade terminals. Regular spade terminals can cause more damage in the long run due to heating and cooling of the terminals. When the terminals become loose you can cause an over amperage draw on the relays that control the element eventually leading to relay and controller failure.
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    Everyone here has learned a TON of stuff...  Glad you joined the "learned group"....

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