Cutting ribs after smoking

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Feb 1, 2024
I have made ribs many times, but I am always frustrated because they don't cut neatly after cooking. I will wait 15 mins for them to cool a bit--but perhaps I'm not waiting long enough? I don't think the issue is my knife. I notice that day-after-ribs out of the refrigerator cut easily and you get great looking individually cut ribs. Why can't I get a cut that looks like that after cooking?

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I'd try cooking a bit less and using a big knife. More of a chop instead of sawing back and forth. You can also cut first, season then cook. There are several threads here on cooking single ribs. Certainly speeds up the process.
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Spray some hot water on your cutting board, or paint with a little sauce... flip the ribs bone side up... then you adjust your slicing angle so the knife is parallel to the bones.

I know the pain of the bad/sloppy cut. My household and guests prefer fall off the bone baby back ribs. Once the temp gets too high, I can not get a clean slice.

I have altered my technique and I can get clean cuts and as tender fall off the bone as I ever want. I'll smoke in smoker 2.5-3hrs until I feel they have enough smoke. I'll then take off the racks and individually slice BEFORE I wrap. Usually internal temp is 160-170. Can easily still get a nice clean slice at the lower temp. Then I proceed with my wrap stage to "overcook" and take 200+ for the fall off the bone ultimate tenderness. Once satisfied with toothpick tenderness, apply with sauce of choice and heat briefly to set the sauce. You CAN have the best of both worlds! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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