Curing small items

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Culinary Otter

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Jan 1, 2024
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Probably a dumb question, but looking to cure some short ribs and looking for a shortcut.

I have 4 short ribs, and would like to dry cure them. I know the best method to do an EQ dry cure would be to weigh them each, and apply the cure to each.

To lessen the PITA factor, I'd like to weigh them all, remove the bone weight, make a cure rub and distribute it somewhat evenly, then vac seal.

There should be a factor of safety margin here, just wondering if I'd be blowing past that with this shortcut.
Yes beef. Already planning to slice out a bone to work on the calcs.
You can but I don’t think that’s necessary.

I’d run that at 60/40 meat to bone. It could be 50/50 but really depends on how meaty they are. I just wouldn’t get real exercised about it. Curing has a range and if you are thoughtful you will be safely in the safe range. Just use common sense and good judgement and you will be safe.
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Went overboard. Removed the bones. Will save for future calculations.

Had my sous chef on board to check everything.

How much meat did you leave between the bones. I think you were way too cautious. But Cary on I’m sure it will all be good.
Just me, but when I do short ribs ( see picture below, this is what we call short ribs )
I do not weigh out the bone as the ratio to meat is not enough for me to subtract.

And worked out fine for me . I love short ribs . It and OX tail my favorite beef with bone in it .


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