Cured pork rack

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Meat Mopper
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Jul 29, 2011
St. Petersburg, FL
I don’t want to call it Canadian bacon since technology is different.
So here I got 1200g pork rack.
It was wet cured for exactly a week.
After patting the meat with paper towel I applied my pork rub of
2 bay leafs
5 whole allspice
2g whole black pepper
I blend these in grinder and add
2g nutmeg
2g cardamom
2g garlic powder
2g oregano

Next is a baking process.
Placed meat on a wire rack and inside cold oven. Set temperature to 170F. In two hours raise to 185F until internal temp is 160F

result is a very delicate and juicy meat. And its ready to eat. Rib parts are especially tasty. .
I got two small butts in wet cure for next week.
I will try to smoke it with apple pellets instead of baking.

The pork loin looks great, nice work!!

Reminds me of the whole smoked loins we would cut up when I worked in the meat department at a Winn Dixie except those didn't have the seasoning on them, just smoked, but about the same color.

Looks nice! I've never seen that cut.
AKD, Looks great and definately a different cut !
That's part of the rib end of a whole pork loin. Almost the same as a beef rib (prime rib), just the pork version. The bones you see, if they were removed, are part of the baby back ribs...
Wow what a great looking bone in pork loin.

Did you brine yours or cured it in anyway?


This was was just dry brined.
No curing salt, but next week we're gonna try and cure the same piece of meat and make bacon from this cut. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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