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Discussion in 'Mini-WSM' started by smokinpoboy, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. smokinpoboy

    smokinpoboy Fire Starter

    Saw this as I drove by a yard sale and had to stop. $3.00. Rusted out grates, but that ain't no thing. Now I'm off to target for another pot. I'll post it up and some new mods for my first one when I have a day off to put the new guy together.

    Can't wait to hear what the wife says when she gets home!

    Bryan (new mini addict!)

  2. jckdanls 07

    jckdanls 07 Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member

    better keep an eye out for the cops... somebody said there WSJG was stolen... what a steal .... Thumbs Up
  3. tagalong

    tagalong Fire Starter

    No doubt
  4. smokinpoboy

    smokinpoboy Fire Starter

    I'm on a roll, my SJS was free from the wife's company picnic. I am looking forward to see the difference between the 2 vent set ups. Just got back from picking up my 2nd pot. Hope I can squeeze in a couple hours this week to put it together.

    Got to run, I think I hear sirens!...
  5. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Are you done yet???? Its prime Mini-WSM Smoking time right now!
  6. mdboatbum

    mdboatbum Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    You could relocate the bottom vent from the silver to the bottom of the gold, after drilling the appropriate holes. Then you'd have the best of both worlds, the side vents for smoking and the bottom vent for searing.
  7. smokinpoboy

    smokinpoboy Fire Starter

    Hey Case,

    Funny you should ask today if I'm done yet. I've had the parts for a while now and haven't had a chance until today to put it all together.

    My buddy also wants help building one for himself, and is coming over today with his stuff. So there will be 2 more minis here in the Midwest tonight. I'll post up some shots when we get done.


    I may just put a vent on the bottom of the gold.I've already decided to add 3/4" valves to my silver like Case did. I need a bit more heat from it. Just couldn't get it hot enough for the chicken I did last week. I've got a duck in the fridge I want to do on Thursday.

    Just got to do a bit of snow blowing first. Winter struck yesterday here in Minnesota. Which means Hot & Cold smoking time, yay! Got to dig the old mailbox out of the garage and make that mod too.:sausage:

  8. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Alright a dueling Mini Build! This is the first year in many years that I didn't see a SMJ on Craigslist at the end of summer in my neck of the woods! Was hoping to acquire another so I could build another!
  9. smokinpoboy

    smokinpoboy Fire Starter


    I want to say I think you have enough mini's, but as long as I can get parts cheap and easy, I can easily see covering the deck in mini's! I must have a pizza one too. My wife is telling me to stop looking at your mini za post.

    My buddy got most of his done last night. I'm making some adjustments to the new pot. I wanted to add the lid to the bottom, but the Imusa pots I got won't sit in there lids. So, I'm going to raise the diffuser grate up a bit from the bottom of the pot to make more room for air flow. I'll post it up tomorrow with some qview, I may crank both up to make chicken in one and meatloaf in the other. Now that I think about it, I haven't smoked a big fatty in quite a while. My buddy and I are thinking of getting all three going. He has an older smokey joe with 3 daisy vents on the bottom. It should be interesting to test them all, especially now that the cold has come. I need to order up some new therms. I'm thinking an igrill2 might be perfect for 2 minis. If I can stop at 2!
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  10. welshrarebit

    welshrarebit Master of the Pit

    I used an imusa pot for my build and yes the lid doesn't fit very well to the bottom of the pot. I just jigsawed the handle off and put three bolts on the inside of where I was gonna cut and three on the outside that would stay in and hold the lid to the bottom. It works for me...
  11. smokinpoboy

    smokinpoboy Fire Starter

    Well I finally got the second mini put together. It's fun to have 2 going even with the winter chillI. Trying a few different things with the 2nd build. Including a new wind break home for my dueling minis.
    My 12" planter cracked like I knew it would, so I had been using some large steel pie pans I had lying around. They work great to diffuse the smoke and catch drippings but with the full on winter temps I wanted something to help with the fluctuations. I went to a local metal supply shop and found a 12" wide 1/4" cold rolled steel disk, and a 10"wide 1/4" stainless disk in the scrap bins.
    These work great at keep the temps leveled out. For my second pot I added bolts below the steamer ridge for the diffuser grate to ride a bit higher. I left my first pot with the grate on the very bottom, but I think it would work better if I could add the pot lid to the bottom. The Imusa lids just don't fit. Gotta work on that. Without the lid the grate and diffuser seem to limit the charcoals burn. So I may raise the grate in my first pot. It's nice to try different things.

    Didn't do anything to the gold other than a charcoal basket and some eye bolt handles for the vents.

    For now I'll use pot #1 on the gold base, for lower slower cooks.

    I'm also trying out a couple different probe ports. Brass lamp parts in one and high heat grommet in the other.

    I also added the 3/4" ball valve vents to the silver.

    The thing gets hot now boy! The raised diffuser grate helped a lot for higher heat to. On a test run the other day I got up to 530f and was able to hold 470 for quite a while on a day it was 9f with 20 mph wind gusts. The gold went up to 330f and stabilized at 280f.

    Did some meatloaf again last night. I can't believe my wife asked me to make it. She's always hated meat loaf until I did it a few weeks back. Now she wanted extra for lunches. I'll post up the recipe I used elsewhere. But a few pics here first.

    The mini was looking out for me last night. I cooked one meat loaf and took it off and then put the second one on. The second one was getting close to temp when I fell asleep on the couch. Meat coma. I must have set the alarm wrong on the Igrill2 app. My wife woke me up 2 hours later and I knew I must have a burnt meat log on the deck. I then checked the temps on the I grill app. the meat was at 70f. The graph showed that while I slept, the loaf hit 163 and held that for about half an hour at which point the fire died and the mini and loaf cooled off to safe levels within the safety time zone. Lucky me, it was late so I didn't take pictures of the second loaf, but I will at lunch soon.

    I'm hooked. I still need to make new legs, but I love these minis! My other smokers are looking sad and neglected covered in snow.

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  12. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Tasty looking smoke!  I used the high temp grommets for a year, then switch to using brass ferrules. I was able to find ones that the inner hole is the exact size of the probe so there is no slop or air leakage.
  13. smokinpoboy

    smokinpoboy Fire Starter

    Hey case,

    The silicone is nice but I think I like the brass better. The brass lamp fitting I have has adapter pieces that allow me to vary the size of hole. I had it in a bin of junk parts. I've got to find another one. I'm thankful to you and others for leading the way on these builds. The added vents on the silver really changed the whole unit. Without a basket the silver evenly burns through the fuel. I think I will add a bottom vent to the gold. On my test burns the gold just doesn't burn through all the fuel by itself, even with a basket.
  14. welshrarebit

    welshrarebit Master of the Pit

    I couldn't find any brass whatever they're called and had to buy galvanized. I burnt the carp out of them and put them in vinegar over night and no more galvanized.

    Nice looking pair of minis!

    I bolted my lid on for my imusa build. It works fine that way. I'm gonna be working on my 40 qt VMI pot this weekend. That will be a slightly different build but hoping for the best!
  15. smokinpoboy

    smokinpoboy Fire Starter

    I've got 2 lids to play with so I may try to bend one out a bit for a better fit and then bolt one on one pot. I look forward to seeing your 40 quart pot. With the problems finding the tamale pots these days another pot style would be great. Crimping the Imusa tops isn't hard but would love a pot I didn't have to do that to for my next one. And yes I'm sure there will be another down the road. I still want to do the pizza pot.
  16. oldschoolbbq

    oldschoolbbq Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Cool, a nice find.

    If I brought something like that home , Trish would beat me senseless [​IMG]

    Have fun and . . .
  17. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Stan assuming you're talking about the stock tank, If I brought one home, my wife would have me using it for something like this!

    If you were referring to another smoker I'd be in the same boat as you!
  18. smokinpoboy

    smokinpoboy Fire Starter

    Ooh! A mini smoker hot tub mod! Gotta think about that one. Yeah the look on my wife's face was interesting when I brought the tub home. I think we all know the look. I won't be bringing anything else home for quite a while, except meat to smoke.
  19. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Hmmm yeah not at my house! I've convinced the wife we need a cedar or redwood hot tub, but she won't go for the wood fired option. A guy can still dream though!
  20. welshrarebit

    welshrarebit Master of the Pit

    I had to prep my wife that I was getting a box from Todd!

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