Corned beef Recall

Discussion in 'Beef' started by garyt, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. garyt

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    Just came back from my local Pick and Save, Roundys store. Was going to get Corned beef, $1.99/lb limit 2. Get to the meat department and couldn't find any. Spoke to someone working in the meat department and she checked and told me it it had all been recalled, they featured 3 brands in the ad. Cooks, Skylark I believe was another brand and their house brand Roundys. Don't know which brand or if all were recalled because they didn't tell me anything except it was a quality issue and not safety. I got a Rain check.

    Just a heads up
  2. rw willy

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    That stinks. At least you got the rain check.
    Can't touch corned Beef for under $2.99 here. Hopefully it will go on sale next week.
    But I bought 2 16 pound pieces at Restaurant depot yesterday for $2.49. They are for pastrami.

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