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  1. Ok, I get it there are tons of people that say don't do it, but we "Americans" are afraid of trying new things, especially those things that are older than our country, lol.  Fresh mett has been eaten in Germany for hundreds of years.  So with that being said, I found a recipe to try and recreate my favorite dish from Germany.

    Is Trichinosis all I have to be worried about?  If so, can I follow this recipe using pork from the US that is either certified or prepared using the USDA standards of I believe 20 days at 7 degrees or below (I will have to verify the temp, but it is approximate).  Thank you for the help, and please don't tell me how it is unsafe as I have eaten it in Germany every week for 4 years and am here to ask this question.
  2. ak1

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    I think if the pork is frozen for at least 30 days it will kill trichinosis.
  3. crankybuzzard

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    That's what I've read as well.

    The recipe sounds pretty simple, let us know how it goes.
  4. bmaddox

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    This is what I have seen as well. 

    I would also buy a whole cut and grind it myself instead of buying ground pork. 
  5. rick paul

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    ..I`ve eaten salt meat raw for years, I love the taste, so far never caught anything.......
  6. mummel

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    Im making some dried South African sausage.  Its basically 80/20 ground beef with spices in a sheep cashing, hung for a couple of days.  No cures, nothing.  Dont ask me how the F this stuff doesnt go off??? Makes no logical sense to me, but it works.

    I dont know if I would roll the dice with pork though. 
  7. smokin phil

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    If I knew where the pork came from, and, of course, I trusted this source, and was scrupulously clean, I'd go for it. I've eaten dry fermented sausage and it's essentially raw. Yes, it does/did have cure #2 and salt in it. But it's still raw, it has not been cooked. Was working on a BBB pancetta, but it didn't work out, so it just got turned into BBB. That would be raw as well. A good portion of charcuterie is raw. So, we're most of the way there now.

    So, yeah, I'd give it a shot,with qualifications above.
  8. Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it.
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    As in your other thread, this will be fine just use the frozen pork and keep everything cold and clean. The freezing takes care of trichinella and keeping stuff cold and clean inhibits any other bacteria from reaching dangerous levels. I have never been afraid of eating raw meat because I know how to handle it safely. This sounds delicious, Porky Steak Tartare...JJ[​IMG]

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