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Aug 5, 2018
I wasn't sure where to post this, so I figured here was a good spot. So Sunday afternoon, I put together a can cooker to make this morning at work. Sprayed the can with cooking spray before installing the bottom racks. Going to be kinda pic heavy.
First I seasoned some pork neck bones and made the first layer.


Then cut up some keilbasa'

Seasoned potatoes

Smoked polish sausages

Added 2 packs of Spanish rice and seasoning on top of that.

Then added breakfast links and some frozen sweet corn!


Then a bag of frozen zoodles.

Made up some meatballs and cut up 5 venison brats.


Topped that with some Tony C's dirty rice!

More sausages and some seasoned chicken tenderloins!


For the "fluid" I added a small can of v8, a mt dew and a few cups of beef broth!


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Now that is different and sounds really good. May need a little ketchup on the side, but I'm game.

Point for sure
In For The Finish. I just posted almost before you could. So how does all that get cooked in can?
Gotcha! Just fill it with whatever you want, add at least 12 oz of pop, beer, water, whatever. Put it over heat and it all gets steamed. Super tender and the seasoning gets distributed pretty well all throughout. I've used over a fire, the stove and a deep fryer burner. Easy, pretty quick cook and really good!
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I've seen those and wondered how they worked. What kind of time frame to cook all that?

Not long especially if everything is at room temp by starting time. My stuff was really cold. So it took a bit to warm it up before it started cooking. General rule of thumb is 45 minutes once it starts steaming out of the release hole on the lid. Total cook on mine was 1 hour 45 minutes. Just depends on the temp of the food that's in it.
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Looks like it would be really tasty! I'm just curious how much it weighed after ya got it filled up!

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That's awesome. Might have to look into a can cooker.
You cant go wrong! It is really super easy and a great way to feed a bunch of people at one time!
What a fitting title! I garrontee I would tear into that! I have the small CanCooker and need to do this only on a smaller scale. Oh man, dump it on a half sheet and dig in. Epic post and pics Buckeyedude Buckeyedude .
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