Cold Snowy Sticks

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Dec 25, 2010
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Have some old snow on the ground waiting for new tonight so i better get some sticks hanging.

Got my mix ready for 5 lbs of 80/20 GB.


Ready with the stuffer.


Water stuffer went pretty good. Only leaks i had were from my own doing by not having the connections on the back tight.


Now ready to hang.


Going in my Bradley 6 rack with hickory.

Am I seeing correctly that you hook a garden hose up to the back of that thing?  I don't see any controls of any sort, how do you stop/start/adjust for speed?  Inquiring minds want to know???  Oh by the way, nice looking sticks.

Me too. Now your snack sticks look good and all but a water stuffer. I would also like to see more on that thing. Not to take away from your snack sticks but that thing is way cool.
Yes great looking sticks!! but you have to tell us about your stuffer.there must be some type of regulator ,flow control something.
I will get some pics of the valves at the rear of the stuffer for ya'll

Here are the sticks blooming in my fav spot.

never seen one up close but they have been around a long time................ what are the ups and downs?

oh nice stix
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Great looking stix and an interesting stuffer.
Another great batch of sticks by NEPAS !!!



PS: I used to work with a bunch of guys from Coal Cracker Country--- Lehighton, Quakake, Nesquehoning, JIm Thorpe, Slatington, Palmerton, etc, etc (at Beth Steel).
Got the sticks done and ready for paper bag for a couple days then vac seal.


I been so busy with getting sticks done for people i had to buy a whole caddy of collagen casings.


WOW the sausage & snacksticks on this site are killing me!!  Just starting with the sausage making & now I want to ake sticks!!!
Just learning this stuff and maybe need to read some more.. but why cut off the ends? To make them uniform in appearance?
When i just hang them on the rods you get a bend at the top. Cutting the bends and ends off make the placement in the vac bags easier. When i tie into uniform lengths i dont cut the ends. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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