Chuck roast

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Original poster
Jan 1, 2017
Well I've got a 3lb chuck in the mes at 165 IT. I thought I had a plan but like a newbie I am second guessing myself. I have a drip pan under it, beef stock warm and not sure what I should do, I am wanting to make room for some taters I have seasoned and waiting. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Don't you have an extra rack that you can put the potato's on?

My MES has plenty of space for the potato's & the chuck.

I'm not sure what your question is.

Yes, have an extra rack just have to move everything down o e rack to put it in. Had planned on putting roast in drip pan with stock and cover but it appears to be cooking faster than I had planned, don't need to rush it as I think covering it will do.
Well, I decided to let it cook on through unwrapped after brushing it with beef stock and adding a little to drippings. My worry is it will get dry. Should I keep applying stock while it finishes?
Looks great.. I will be right over!!
I waited for you! It turned out pretty good, the potatoes had less smoke flavor than I had hoped but the chuckie didn't let me down. I scored the top a few times hoping to achieve the "burnt ends" effect and it worked pretty good, now that I know the rest of the family likes it I will have to try a little more. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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