Chuck roast for chili

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Jan 16, 2013
Want smoke a chuck roast for chili, I was thinking to cube up,put cubes in a aluminum pan season than smoke for while after that in to pot to finish up.Am OK with this plan?
You could go that route. I usually smoke the chuck whole until it's done. Then shred or chop and add that into the chili.

Cubes you may risk overcooking and having a tougher meat.
While the meat is browning, combine the chili  powder, ancho chili  powder, cumin, oregano, and allspice. Spoon a tablespoon of the bacon fat into the pot  and brown a third of the cubed meat. Remove the meat as it browns, adding more fat and more raw meat. Continue this process until all meat is browned and set aside.
I agree with Case. Smoke to 190 to cube, or 200 to shred/pull, then add it to the chili during the last hour or so of cooking. The chuck can be smoked the day before if needed.

I prefer the cubed chunks in my chili, I also like a cube/shred/ground mix when I'm really into it.

If you're pressed for time and are able to, then smoke the chuck at 300 degrees. It won't hurt a thing.

Keep it simple, that's what chili is all about. 
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