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Discussion in 'Beef' started by domapoi, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. domapoi

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    First, please excuse the picture quality of these photos. I was working with my left/wet hand and taking pictures with my right/dry hand using an iPhone (I know, no excuse but all I got).

    Bought a couple of Chucks at the local store. First thing I did was run my tenderizer all around the roasts


    Then I covered them with some regular mustard


    Next, because I love garlic and the rub (IMHO) doesn't have enough, I coated it well with some Garlic Powder.


    Then for that really good pepper taste I covered it with the Grill Masters Montreal Steak rub.


    I then put it in the MES set to 225° F and used some Mesquite chips dry.

    Smoked for the first 4 hours and then continued in smoker without chips for

    the last 2 hours until it reached 145° F. This is what I ended up with. It has a

    slight mustard taste with a strong (and wonderful ) garlic and pepper taste

    with the hint of Mesquite smoke flavor.


    I know I should have included a picture of them sliced but they didn't last long with all

    the people I had over that day. They was one large one and one medium one and they

    disappeared faster than I thought. I almost didn't get any by the time I came back in

    from shutting down the smoker and retrieving the temp. probe. Maybe next time I should

    just worry about the smoker and probe AFTER I get a sliced pic. and eat!

    Thanks for looking, Scott
  2. Sounds good man, I'm a garlic nut too.. How did you serve them?

  3. raptor700

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    They look good Scott,

    The sliced pic would have been nice

    Thanks for sharing  [​IMG]
  4. domapoi

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    [quote name="smokinstevo27" url="/forum/thread/107402/chuck-pot-roast-w-q-view#post_642912"]
    Sounds good man, I'm a garlic nut too.. How did you serve them?


    Served with some home made macaroni salad, baked beans, home made coleslaw and some Hawian bread mini-muffins

  5. ohhh some King's Hawaiian bread.  that would make some awesome mini sammich's!!  [​IMG]
  6. smokinal

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    Looks real good Scott, but it sounds like you didn't hit the 140 mark in 4 hours, but I guess everything turned out ok.
  7. domapoi

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    No it didn't reach the 140°  mark in 4 hours but it did reach the 135°  mark in that time which is the new recommendations set which is 41° to 135° within 4 hours. Then it got stuck at the 140° mark for quite some time before it finally started moving  up again to reach the 145°  I was waiting for.

  8. africanmeat

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    It looks good  it will do a good  meal

  9. boykjo

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    we have been deprived Rap................


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