Chipotle Morita Chili Basted Skirt Steak Roll-Ups (W / Pics)

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Apr 14, 2013
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Very recently I was gifted a jar of the Chipotle Morita Chili paste from our good friend Jeff ( jcam222 jcam222 ). He swears by this stuff and it's a staple at his house. With all the amazing food he turns out, if he says it's good, I'm taking it to the bank. I opened the jar as soon as it got here to take a little taste and was totally blown away. This stuff is amazing!! Spent a day or two thinking though a good way to utilize the stuff and came up with this notion after a long, hard day of yard work.

Here is the sauce

I started out making a paste in the food processor to baste the steaks with. Used a Roma tomato, a huge jalapeno, some onion, the chili paste, some Better Than Bouillon beef base, Pasilla powder, Ancho powder, dash of kosher salt, granulated garlic, and a splash of garlic EVOO.

It started out looking more like salsa but after beating the heck out of it a paste of sorts finally happened

Seasoned the CPB skirt steaks with some of my fajita seasoning then rubbed them down with the paste

Added some green onions

Rolled them up and tied off then let sit for a while

Onto the grill. Running low heat to make sure they cook through and not burn on the outside

While the meat is on the grill I make a white cheddar cream sauce

All done and off the grill. Pulled them at 128.

Topped with the white cheddar cream sauce and black olives. Plated with a guacamole salad and some refried beans

A pretty sloppy looking plate but I nailed these things. I still adamantly stand behind using a good instant read thermometer. Takes so much of the guess work out of cooking.

Jeff was not kidding when he said how good that sauce it. The stuff is otherworldly. Deep, rich, spicy, complex, and just totally off the charts. I can see a whole lot of ways to utilize that sauce and have every intention of researching other products from this company. This is another quick meal that only took about 15 or 20 minutes total time and was done after a grueling day of working on another massive yard project in the blazing Texas sun. We were wiped but I wanted a decent meal so thought through this while cooling off int he pool with an ice cold margarita. To say this was fantastic would not be doing it justice. This was a truly amazing meal...and so simple.

Well, gotta run. Need to get 5 minutes worth of work done before throwing n the towel for the day. Y'all take care, stay safe, and I'm sure I'll be seeing everybody again soon.

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Robert, the plate looks amazing! The skirt stake toped with cheddar cream souse is fantastic! I want to try this to cook... Soon, very soon! BTW, just checked this Chipotle Morita Chili paste on Amazon - $19. Not exactly cheap but not a killer either. Placed my order....
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Well, you did it again. Made my shopping list longer.
Was planning a quick trip to Meijer tomorrow with no meats needed. Now thanks to you I have to hit Aldi for flank steak and the Mexican market for Ancho and Arbol.
(I haven't put together your Fajita seasoning yet).
SmokerJim did the same thing. Now I have to look at hams.....
I need to log out of here before my list is two pages long!
Going going going…… gone! That ones out of the park! Fantastic flavor selection right up my alley. That’s one incredible looking plate, and that cheese sauce…….. yep you hammered this one Robert. Wish we could have plates for the house, but the pictures will do, I would destroy a plate of that. Points for sure.
Robert it looks fantastic!! I do love the smokey complex flavor of the pepper paste. Amazing in marinades and sauces. I have always meant to check out their other products but haven’t. pushok2018 pushok2018 I often buy it by the 4 pack as it’s about half that price then.
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Robert, the plate looks amazing! The skirt stake toped with cheddar cream souse is fantastic! I want to try this to cook... Soon, very soon! BTW, just checked this Chipotle Morita Chili paste on Amazon - $19. Not exactly cheap but not a killer either. Placed my order....
I have it on list. What until I have some rewards to spend.
Perfectamondo Robert, great job on everything.

Point for sure
Pretty creative use of the sauce. The meal looks great. I did fancy plating professionally for years. At Home, its Cafeteria Style, scoop and plop on the plate! None hits the Floor? Then ya done good!...JJ
Great looking skirt steak roll ups and a mighty fine plate indeed, lots of flavors going on there. That white cheddar cream sauce sounds so good, I’d drizzle it on the whole plate.

I’m gonna have to try the morita paste. I wonder if you could sub it for the chipotles in adobo sauce? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.