Chinese BBQ'd Pork and Smokey Fried Rice....something different

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ditto on this is all i can say. looks great
That is one very fine plate of food, Jeanie!

Chinese is my favorite type of ethnic food, and this post just re-enforces my feelings that much more...I can never seem to get enough chinese food.

Nicely done!

Thank you RW, Chef Willie, Smoking Bruin, lilricky, Mark and Rob! :)
Wow, not only does that sound delicious, but the presentation and plating of the dish is magazine-worthy!

So, I take it that you are really starting to like the Hasty-Bake?
Thanks Steven!  I really love this new Hasty Bake. To be able to lower the hot coal grate for lower temperature smoking is a big plus. :)

 Eric, thanks!! I love chinese too..
Dang it Jeanie, you so rock. That is just beautiful. I love your posts and especially your pictures. Hugs my sista! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.