Chili And Cheese Smothered Sausage Burrito...OMG! (Pcs)

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Apr 14, 2013
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It's kind of interesting how when a person is put in a position that they have to drop back 10 and punt where dinner plans are concerned, a really fun and creative meal can be done. That's what happened with this one. A friend sent a text that she had a meeting cancel and was free to drop by and pick up one of the Christmas items I fabricated. I'd gotten some beef and jalapeno sausage out and planned to make gumbo. Her arrival time was smack in the middle of prep/cook time for the gumbo so I had to nix that idea. Went scrounging through the pantry to figure out something to do with the sausage and came across a can of Hormel all beef chili. Not as good as homemade of course but not horrible when in a pinch. The cogs started turning and this is what I came up with.

The sausage.

Got the chili in a pan.

Cut up some bell pepper and more jalapenos.

Butterfly the sausages and into a skillet.

Get the cheddar cream sauce going.

Get out the big torts, cut a slice of extra sharp cheddar in half, lay cheese on the tort, and add some of the veggies.

Now for the sausage.

Fold the ends over and roll it into a burrito.

Two of them into a small baking dish.

Here's something I don't believe you have ever seen me do: dinner in the oven. The weather was horrid. Cold, raining like crazy, and the wind was screaming. Actually, everything is cooked so all I'm doing is heating it up. Hopefully I won't lose my man card for this.

Hot and out of the oven. Smothered with the chili, cheddar cream sauce, and garnished with green onions.


And of course the close up cut shot. Sloppy, sloppy.

Ladies and gentlemen...this was crazy good!! So simple, so quick to make, and off the charts flavor wise. I couldn't believe it but Tracy ate the entire thing. I was expecting her to have leftovers for lunch the next day. Nope. That sausage, the chili, and that cheese sauce just came together for a fantastic experience. Cannot wait to do this one again, and Tracy is already asking for the second go-around. Far be it from me to disappoint :emoji_wink:

Well, gonna call this one done. Got some stuff to get together for a nice NY Strip dinner this evening. Y'all take care, stay safe, and I'll see everybody soon.

That is one big messy plate! Just the way I like mine...more please! Looks delicious!

Wow Robert! That’s over the top incredible!!!! Perfect meal for crappy weather! As always your concept and execution is incredible💪 I’d eat a mess of those and go back again after a nice nap! Points for sure!
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Robert there is nothing wrong with using premade ingredients and then elevating them. You sure did that!! I’d murder that thing lol
Plate licking good, and when the wife wants seconds or for you to do it again soon.
You need no more pats on the back than that statement right there.


And I also would love to help clean up a couple plates of those

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Another great idea! They look good enough for me to copy ;-)
And hang on to that "Man Card". I haven't cooked outside in almost a month.....
Man that looks great. Gonna have to hang onto this one for a quick dinner idea. And those flavors are right down bryces alley!

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