Chicken quarters?????

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May 23, 2021
Wanting to smoke some chicken quarters and was wondering if I should do them low and slow or crank the heat up on the pellet smoker? Plain on putting a rub on and some bbq sauce and wanting to keep skin on as well. Just hate the rubber skin. I have not gotten my new charcoal grill yet so won’t be able to crisp up skin that way. I could put the skin under the broiler for sure if I have to, just don’t want to ruin the barbecue sauce. Any ideas?
personally i would start your chicken around 180 for an half hour or so to get a little smoke on it. then crank it up to 400 until done to crisp up your skin, i wouldn't add bbq. sauce until it's almost done.
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I’m not familiar with pellet smokers, but if you can run it at 325-350, you will get bite thru skin. It won’t be crispy, unless you really crank the temp up. I smoke mine at 225 for about 1 1/2 hours, then onto a 600+ grill for a minute or so on each side & that crisps up the skin. But sometimes we just smoke them at 225-250 & don’t eat the skin. It’s a lot healthier that way!
You need hot temps to make the skin eatable. Having said that, now I’m curious if one could cook chicken low and slow then take a burner (torch) to the skin to crisp it up?
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May be over kill but it would be fun 🤩 but on a serious note my butane torch would work great idea.


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