Chicken Breasts on Open Grill?

Discussion in 'Grilling Chicken' started by mcloven1t, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. mcloven1t

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    Hey guys,so I have my sister's wedding this weekend and she just barely found me a grill to use for the rehearsal dinner (apparently I cater now lol)
    But come to find out its an "open face grill". attached a picture to clarify.
    I plan on cooking chicken breasts, corn and potatoes.

    just looking for any tips and tricks you guys might have, because I'm used to grills with lids.

    Initial thought is blanket the grill with a thick layer of coals and spray my chickens (off the grill) every 15 minutes to help moisture.

    Thanks in advance guys..... and cooking for like 20 people.
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  2. mcloven1t

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  3. smokin phil

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    OK, basically on this, it's the amount of good burning coals that will determine temp. Real close together will be hotter than spread out. I would consider leaving a cooler section where things cooking too fast can chill for a bit. Also, just by estimating size from this pic, I'd want about 5 big Weber chimneys full of KB to start. I'd have some in reserve too, to add as you go. Moving stuff is another way you control temps. Wind will make this more problematic. If there is much wind, you're gonna NEED a windbreak.

    Good luck!
    Keep us posted.
  4. oldschoolbbq

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    Good info. from Phil . On an open grill ,I would do a bit of babysitting , so the heat doesn't jump up too high (for some reason ) .Other than that , you're covered ..

    Have fun and good smoke your way ! ! !

    Stan . . .
  5. mcloven1t

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    thanks guys, yea great idea on a cool spot...I can leave an empty spot at the end as my spot. I will be next to the grill at all time, so babysitting is no problem lol. and yea I'm hoping that I can keep the grill near a building to cut down on wind issues. Appreciate the help. I'll take pics and post my qview Sunday :)
  6. mcloven1t

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    Hey guys, also.

    How in the heck do I light a large amount of charcoal all at once???? I always use a chimney at home but I feel like i'll probably need to light an entire 18 pound bag of charcoal to start it all up.

    I was thinking of light about half a bag, lay it out in a line and shoot it with a mini blow torch, than slowly add more to get those lit as well

    ideas????  Really wish this wedding was local because I'd just haul over my own grill and supplies. Hate not being able to prep for myself :(
  7. siege

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    This is probably too much info. I don't know how much expeirence you have with larger groups. I actually do cater. Please don't be insulted if you already know all you need to know. :) You did ask for some tips........
    If you have access to a Camp Chef, or a heavy duty propane one burner, like from a turkey fryer or fish fryer, you can get a chimney of charcoal going in a hurry. Adding unlit coals over lit ones will help even out the temperature in the grill pan. I‘d keep a spray bottle of water handy to kill flare-ups, and slow things down when needed.
    Get the potatos done first. They take the longest. Line the bottom of a cooler with cardboard or newspaper, throw the spuds in when they are done.
    I do my corn in a big stockpot on the one burner stove. Bring the water to a full rolling boil, break the shucked ears in two, drop the corn in, and pull it out of the water after about 3 to 5 minutes. Throw it on the grill to dry it off a bit, get some light grill marks on it, and put it in the cooler on top of the potatos to keep it warm until ready to serve.
    Take your time with the chicken, and keep the temperature moderate. I used have used a large home made charcoal grill a few times for large groups. (75 to 125 people ) Size wise, it looks a lot like what you have available. (but not as pretty ! ) :) I like to marinate the chicken in Italian dressing, or do a vinegar / salt brine. Only do the brine on chicken with the skin on. It needs the fat to cook right, and stay moist.
    I start cooking on the left 1/3 of the grill. When the chicken, burgers, steaks, dogs, etc are ready to turn, they get turned over and placed in the center 1/3 of the grill. Fresh, uncooked meat then goes on the now available left side. Move the done food from the center to the right side warm holding / serving area. Repeat as necessary, rolling your food from left to right. It's easy to manage a lot of food this way, and keep it coming.
    Good luck on your adventure ! I hope this helps. Enjoy the experience.
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  8. dirtsailor2003

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    I use my propane weed burner to light ours. I put an even layer of charcoal in the pit and torch. Doesn't take long to get going. FYI I go through more than 18 pounds. Two to three times that much. So be prepared and have your chimney handy to add coals if needed.

    Having a cooler are is a must as different size breasts will be done earlier.

    A easy way to cook corn for a large group is in a large clean cooler. Shuck your corn, place in cooler. Pour enough boiling water to cover corn. Put in several sticks of butter and close lid. Depending on amount of corn takes about 15 minutes and holds for a really long time. Melted butter floats on surface so coats corn as your remove.
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  9. drewed

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    large foil roasting pans make for an OK impromptu cover, if needed.
  10. mcloven1t

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    well guys, once again. I appreciate the tips n tricks

    Thankfully mother nature was nice and didn't kick the winds up.

    Took awhile to get the 30 pounds of charcoal fully lit, but I helped it along with dried out wood pieces around my grill lol.
    (honestly the amount was overkill, but who cares lol)  --forgot to take a pic later, but basically 80% of the bed was covered in coals

    was able to grill up almost 20 chicken breasts, 16 corn on the cob, and 16 potatoes :)

    a couple small breasts were dry, but the rest were delicious. Everyone loved it, and I came through as I usually do with my quality bbq

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    I like your grill

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