Chef jimmyj still contributing (roadside chicken)

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Dec 7, 2017
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I have sworn by JJ’s finishing sauce and have encouraged others to try it. I’ve used a lot of his recipes he’s posted and all have been great. Last night I started reading through some of his old posts and came across his “pit chicken” aka roadside chicken. I knew I had to try it. So I followed his detailed instructions that he was always great at providing and gave it a shot. I won’t explain it all as he did perfectly for anyone interested the link below explains it. But thanks again chef Jimmyj miss you!

Here’s the pics. Doesn’t look as good as his but he is a pro.


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That's an amazing meal and great tribute to Chef JJ!

Boy does that look Good!!! JJ would be proud to belly up to a plate of that chicken.

Point for sure
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Thanks everyone. Just proof how great of a forum this is. And how much people can and have contributed to it!
Very nice . The smell that comes from that cooking over hot coals is fantastic .
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