Cheese dried out

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Jul 14, 2020
I cold smoked some sharp cheddar several weeks ago. I have done this many times before. This time instead of vacuum sealing right away I wrapped in parchment paper as I had read somewhere that allows it to breath while it mellows. Well now it dried out and hard more like a grating cheese instead of a slicing cheese. What is proper handling of cheese after smoking.
I let mine dry out in the fridge uncovered overnight, then vac seal & refrigerate. It sounds to me like you let the cheese be exposed to air, so naturally it got hard. After the initial drying time the cheese needs to be kept away from oxygen, as in vac pack.
I'm like Al I'll let it sit on a cooling rack loosely covered with plastic wrap overnight then seal it up in the morning. I don't think you can re hydrate the cheese, but one thing to remember - some of the sharper cheddar's are crumbly before hitting the smoker. It's comes with the aging process.


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