Cast iron brands

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Lodge for my $$, I live close to a Lodge store so I don't look much on the net at it, enamel is great if you can afford it,
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I have Lodge and a Stargazer 10.5" skillet.
Both serve their intended purpose.
The Stargazer is very nicely finished. Worth the price if you use it everyday.
I think old cast iron is the best cast iron. I did pick up a Lodge 12" at Ollies for about 15 bucks a couple of months ago and it works great, but I really prefer old smooth cast iron to new textured cast iron.
Brand really doesn't matter once you learn how to clean and season them. And believe me there are million different suggestions on how to do this. Lodge knows how to make cast iron skillets and I use Lodge. They have doing it for a long time.
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I agree with whistlepig. Brand really doesn't matter as long as you know how to season it. I have a no brand that nothing sticks to it. Don't get stuck up on brand
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Asked this question about a month ago and I think B BigW. posted it. I went with lodge after seeing all the positive replies and I’m pretty happy with the price and quality is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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