Cappy Why do ya always BBQ So much

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Oct 26, 2013
South Louisiana
Surely you kindred spirits get this from folks that don't understand us pit heads
.  Cappy, its just the 2 of you what da f.... ya cooking so much chicken for???? Folks just don't get it.  Why do a whole 12 lb butte or big ole brisket for just yall.  Well I guess the answer is...... Cause its fun!!!!!!
We did like 8 lbs of chicken thighs.

How do ya justify something like this??  Well my answer is I have learned over the years to be the master of left over BBQ.  I mean lets face it I aint got a restaurant or BBQ stand and other things are harder to use.  Its seldom that I can scare up enough folks to justify a pit full but I love doing it.  So I have created a number of dishes that use leftover q, to justify what I love doing filling up the pit smoking up the neighborhood, and having a ball.  The sad thing is most of the folks questioning me do it with one of my ribs in their hand.

Any ways I digress, what do yall do with your left over BBQ??  How do you justify your pit passion??

Here is one of my favorite left over chicken things chicken and black eye peas.

Good cooks don't hafta measure.  what I did was place a few pieces of left over chicken in the bottom of the pot that was on the stove.  I coulda used a smaller pot but I had recently cleaned this pot and set it on the stove to dry and it was handy.  I wacked up an onion a piece of sausage, and added a spoon full of my Cajun spice.  Covered it with water and set it to simmering.  A  trick my Mama taught me is when cooking dry beans ya only add the water a lil at a time as needed.  So that's what I'm doing.  its a great way to spend a Sunday watching movies with a pot of beans on the stove.  Its also a great way to continues enjoying the fruits of my rusty ole pit:
I'm with you Cappy!

When I do ribs, I do 6 racks.  When I do Pulled pork, I buy the 2 pack from Costco.  When i do chicken, I load the smoker up all the way....ETC

I vacuum seal it and then into the freezer it goes, for awesome mid-weekBBQ.   For the pulled pork I always season 1 with taco type seasoning, then use the frozen for pork tacos.  The chicken well, my wife makes this great chicken pot pie in the cooler months, and a cold chicken salad in the hot months!  I've even used left over ribs for a nice pepper and black bean soup.

There are so many things to make with left overs, and they all taste great!!

I have NEVER, had my excess BBQ go to waste (only to waist).
~~I have NEVER, had my excess BBQ go to waste (only to waist). Aint dat da truth, ya need only look at ma pictures to see I agree.  I guess as I bilt ma pot ó' beans it occurred to me that part of the reasons I have so many tasty leftover Q dishes I make is to justify firing up every chance I get.  Kinda the cart before the horse thing.  Anyways today pretty much ends Fridays chicken.  We shared it with or neighbor, an elderly ole gal that is a joy to be around.  Had it shredded in salads and mixed with scrambled eggs.  Its a dreary lazy day, and the beans are almost done I just hit them with some fresh green  onion tops and a pinch of parsley.  Hmmmm what to Q next???
Sounds GREAT AJ and das the way we roll.  Smoked goodies make great gumbo too.  Especially turkey chicken duck and all birdies.

Sounds great!! I thank God often that the gal he helped me find is a pepper belly too.  next time ya fire up ya smoker put a baking hen in it.  A mature hen makes a great gumbo since its tougher the hen holds together good and makes a great stock.  Ya aint gotta fully cook ti just a couple hours will do it.If ya like me ya usually have room for a hen on a rack anyways.  After smoking ya can park it in freezer till ya need it.
If I am going to fire my smoker up, I might as well load it up, I have plenty of kids, grand kids, and friends who will gladly take any leftovers off our hands, usually goes pretty quick around here.

Leftovers are MANDATORY and EXPECTED at our house for just about every evening or weekend meal.  I don't know how to make small batches of anything.  We can easily eat the same leftovers for three days then its time to get creative for whatever's left.  Soups, stews, gumbos, stroganoffs, sandwiches, breakfast additions, fritters, burritos, etc. are all on the creative list.  I just don't understand folks who cook for one meal and refuse to eat leftovers.  I've known several and it wasn't a food issue with them; it was an "all-in-their head" issue. 

Cappy, that bean soup has my mouth drooling all over my desk!
Thanks man they sure were good and we still have a meal worth in the freezer for future lunch.  We eat lots of leftovers not only are most things better the second day when all the flavors marry, but its only good sense economically as well.  It's only me and Peg at home so we find it easier to cook like you do, and await our next inspiration.

We never have to throw anything out, Like I said, leftovers don't last long around here, usually saying "I wish I would have smoked more of that"

Nice post Cappy, sorry I just found it.

That's why my last is a little smoker, keeps me from getting too carried away. LOL

All the neighbors watch me these days when I go out back, if the smell smoke they come a visiting. The neighbors Rottweiler is hilarious as long as I don't look him in the eye, he 'll stay in his yard, maybe a whine or two. If I look him in the eye or smile he'll knock me over. The thinks bacon rind is the finest thing in the world and he knows which freezer its in... 

Its a shame if you have a whole smoker of smoke anyway, why not use it? Its as sad as an empty cure bucket.
I keep thinking that one day I'll get to try some leftovers, but I seem to have way too many friends. And every week I just seem 

to wind up with more. All I have to do is start smoking something and they just seem to pop out of the woodwork.

That being said I sure know that I smoke more meat and fish then I could ever eat.

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