Canned corned beef hash

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Oct 18, 2017
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Canned corned beef hash ..... Years ago I wouldnt touch this stuff.. Looks like slop..(or dog food).. But a few years ago I baught a can and thought...what the heck I'll give it a try.. Figured out its actually pretty good. Now dont get me wrong its not like a good homemade hash with some leftover corned beef .. But it fills the void and its quick and easy.
For me the key is to get it crispy! I'll share with you the way ive been doing it.

Get a cast iron good and hot with a splash of oil...
Then grab your can of corned beef hash..( I like to use the big family size can and put it in the fridge the night before.)
Open both ends with a can opener and then push the whole thing out in one big chunk.
Slice it into 8 rounds then place them in your hot oiled pan... Let them sit and get really really crispy before flipping over.. If you try and do it too soon they will fall apart!


I like to put an over easy egg on top and some avacado on the side...and don't forget the hot sauce!!


This is a pretty common breakfast around here. Both the boys love it and its a good hearty meal for the start of their day!

Doing the corned beef this way makes for a nice crispy outside and soft inside..nothing fancy by any means but I thought I would share if anyone wantet to try it out!

Thanks for taking a look!
A small can of hash fried crispy with some chedder melted on top and smothered with ketchup is my go to lazy day dinner.
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You know I'll probably have to try this! I can almost imagine the sound of it coming out of the can lol!

A small can of hash fried crispy with some chedder melted on top and smothered with ketchup is my go to lazy day dinner.
Ive never tried it with cheese! Might have to give that a try next time!
Never thought of cutting both the ends off the can and slicing it, I like that idea. Growing up and then when raising our children, canned corned beef hash was a staple mostly because it was cheap. We always just dumped it out into the frying pan, stirred it to brown it, it's got to be crispy. Next time, I'll try your technique...:emoji_thumbsup:
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Haven't had it in years , but ate a lot of it when I was a kid . My mom made a noodle casserole with it . Really good . I've always liked it . Hormel brand .
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Hormel is usually what I find around here.. I have tried some other brands and they were not good at all.
My grandma just loved this stuff for breakfast. She was an excellent country cook but this was a quick go to for her in the mornings often.
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After the army the smell of corned beef hash makes me sick. BUT you have intrigued me because that looks so good lol. Maybe it's just the eggs and avocado
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