Candy for the work Christmas party

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Dec 1, 2016
Decided to smoke up some Sockeye for the night shift  Christmas party.

2 whole sockeye filleted

16 hours in 4-1 brown sugar-salt brine, with a touch of cayenne pepper and powdered garlic. My timing was off due to unforeseen visitors, so after rinsing and drying for about 3-4 hours covered and kept in the fridge overnight. 

Smoker (MES 30) started at 125 for an hour, cherry is the wood of choice this time. Upped the temp 10-15 deg every hour until at 185. About 5 hours total, pulled them out when the fattest fillet was 145 IT. Drizzled blackberry honey and brushed it in while the fish is still warm and let it dry and cool off for about 2 hours.

  Stressed to my son(22) not to touch, but since I left a few small fillets out of the container(one of my coworkers will not be at the party this was for him) the boy thought it was fair game, he downed 1 and a half of the tails while I was gone, so I left the half for a daughter to finish and just brought the one fillet in for the friend. So far the kids and friend think it is great, I think the thinner fillets are a little closer to jerky.

   Just hoping the temptation does not lead to the kids(all adults by the way) digging in and having just a taste. It will only be in the fridge until Thursday. 

   Hopefully the promise of doing more on Christmas eve will hold them off.

Getting ready to rinse

The little bit not melted was just brown sugar since I had a little extra left, it was pretty thick on that piece.

Out of the MES and coated with honey

  Thanks Al. Where is Sebring? I spent some time at Cecil Field back in my Corps days, Being a west coast guy, I couldn't believe how warm the ocean water was. Spent a lot of free time down in St. Augustine.
Well it was a success for sure. There was about 3lbs of fish and it was gone before everyone went thru the line, probably about 30 folks. Another guy smoked a turkey and some sausage and those went almost as fast. The ham that was bought by our employees club was barely touched. There is just something about smoked meat. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.