Cancelled BBQ and depression.

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Ya'll can read that ? This is all I see.
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The text is different, it looks to have a black or gray border around it.
This is what I see, without the black border:

Does anyone start to feel blue or even depressed when BBQ plans get cancelled?


I assume you are referring to BBQ plans that involve a get together with friends and family. I am a bit more of a loner so don't prefer the big deals at the best of times. Just me ,the wife and the dogs is all i enjoy. Plus my grill is under my veranda so even rain won't stop us.

I can't even read the message. When I have issues that require cancelling bbq it sucks but I roll with it and cook inside likey other things.
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I'm with Mike. If the party falls through, just cook for yourself!

I'm inclined to think our hobby is a substitute for cigarettes, pipes, and cigars. The chemicals we ingest may be a bit habit-forming. So yes, if I go for a week without at least grilling something, I'm, if not depressed, certainly more than happy to fire up a cooker! And anything involving burning wood is a much better "fix" than just a propane fire.

Since I've gotten older, I've started taking the time to cook myself a "decent" breakfast each morning. So it's not like I'm just missing cooking or even the smell of cooking meat. There really is something to the wood (or charcoal) burning!

Could be something to doing it outside too.
Every smoker/bbq person should have the take out pizza joint on speed dial……. Nothing worse than trying to force something that isn’t good to go……it’s call adapting and laughing it off………
Just wanted to jump in and say that It's a bummer when plans fall through, and it's okay to feel upset about it. But remember, a little hiccup like a canceled BBQ isn't a reason for full-on depression. There's always another day for good times! And hey, if those blue feelings linger and you need some extra support, don't hesitate to reach out. I've actually used an anxiety hotline myself during a super stressful time, and it made a world of difference! The help I got was a total mood booster! So let's keep the BBQ spirit alive and remember that help is just a call away if we need it. Take care, pals!
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I had my heart set on mowing and doing a rack of ribs Sunday, but it rained, the kids skidaddled, and the rack of bb's had become iffy. I already had the stick burner going so opened the cc door to view the glow of the fire, had a few PBRs and watched the day go down.....was treated to a number of deer at dusk. A few folks showed up after dark and the stick burner became our fire pit. Disappointed I couldn't smoke, yes, but enjoyed the company no matter the hour. Always look for the silver lining.....
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