BBQ rub for beef stick seasoning

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Nov 10, 2023
I see so many widely available rub's in the stores and so many interesting flavor's. Does anyone use BBQ rub as a flavoring for beef sticks?
Im not sure if anyone uses the store bought rubs, I would just be careful you dont ruin your sticks if you try, they are usually loaded with salt.
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No, and yes. Not tried rub but did use pizza seasoning on some fresh. Turned out great. I think it's a great idea but as was said, gotta watch the salt. Each rub/seasoning will be different. I started building a spreadsheet to calculate estimated salt % based on sodium listed on label but not sure I got it dialed in yet to share. Spreadsheet would also work for sauces and pretty much anything I think. Keep in mind you will likely need to add cure as well.
I think the problem is dialing in your salt. Zwiller's idea is fantastic with the spreadsheet. I use percentages and weigh my ingredients but realistically there's a range of salt that's acceptable. If you aren't using cure you can always fry up a test patty and adjust.
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I've tried this with a couple of rubs and a couple of seasoning blends, I haven't been satisfied with any of them. As others have said, a lot of the problem is the salt content. When you look at the nutritional label, the serving size is usually 1/4 tsp, or 1 gram, that usually equates to somewhere between 9% - 12% of the recommended daily allowance of sodium, depending on which rub or seasoning blend you're using. I found that it starts to get too salty, for me, at about 14 grams per pound of meat, but it isn't seasoned enough, for me, at that point. There are some low sodium choices out there that I will probably get around to trying eventually, since I'll be able to increase the amount used. Good luck on that spreadsheet, zwiller. There's no way I could pull it off, but I'd love to have it. One other thing to be aware of is that many of these things also contain a tederizing agent that will definitely affect the consistency of your sausage in a negative way, in my opinion. Good luck!
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