Can you name this cut of Pork?

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  1. We used to have these all the time when I was growing up in SE Ohio...can't find them here in CO at all but my BF is from Nebraska and goes back every year to waterfowl hunt and always brings home a couple large packages of these. 

    Do you know what they are?

    I sprinkle some Season Salt on them in a resealable bag and shake it around. Then dredge them in flour seasoned with more Season Salt, a shake of granulated garlic and some black pepper. Fry in bacon grease and butter til browned and serve. Haven't tried smoking any but that's on the list.

    Thanks for looking
  2. Cheeks!?

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    Ohio River "Oysters"?[​IMG]
  5. You are correct although the packaging says "Pork Cutlets". These are so good. They have no idea what they are around here - try to give me those tenderized pork chops they call Pork Cutlets!!!
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    Alesia, If they are Super Tender after a browning and relatively quick fry time...I would think they are most likely 1" thick cuts of Pork Tenderloin. They are the right diameter and they look like most on the Silver Skin is removed but not totally...JJ

    Look Familiar?     [​IMG]              [​IMG]
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  7. Yep, cheecks are great, I love cheeks, head meat is the tasiest meat on an oinker!!!!!!!!

    Cheek is chic!!!! :biggrin:

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    Martin, I never played with Cheek. Are they tender enough to do a quick Fry? I would think being such an active muscle they would need some Low an Slow...I did a Google image search they could very well be Cheeks...[​IMG]...JJ

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    Is temple meat the same thing ? I cooked a jambalaya with a buddy that used temple meat for the pork in it....It came out really good.......
  10. Alesia knows what they are, she was just seeing if someone could guess.

    Alesia, they're going to get harder to find now that more folks know about 'em! LOL

    Cheeks aren't what I'd call tough when all the connective tissue is trimmed off, but not always especially tender either.
    They're great slow cooked!

    Temple is something entirely different, but being a head meat, it's also great.
    Cheeks come from directly below the eye.

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    Rule Number one....Always name your critters after food, the young one won't mind so much when the time comes. Our last two porkers were named "Sizzling" and "Bacon"
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    LOL...I told my new Bride 24 years ago that if I ever had enough property I wanted two Black Angus Steer for meat....Chuck and Bottom Round!...[​IMG]  [​IMG]...JJ
  14. Yep they are cheek meat and omg they are sooooo good. It doesn't take long to fry them cause they really aren't that thick and the ones we buy are run through the tenderizer. I broke down the packages into 2 dozen pieces each and I have 5 packages left. I looked for them when I was in OH visiting a year or so ago and they aren't there either. I asked my butcher (he owns packing houses in NE) and he can't order them for me either. I found some Kurobuta Pork Cheeks online - $124 for approximately 10 lbs. 
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    Those look good.
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    When my wife sent me pictures of the first batch of cows we got. She asked me what to name them.... So I answered T-Bone, Sirloin, Whopper, Big Mac......... she was not amused and we ended up with cows named Daisy, Mossy, Thing 1 and Thing 2........
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    Is this the same as jowl?
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  18. Jowl is down below.

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