California resident missing TX BBQ

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Jul 9, 2006
Hello all, I'm registering because I just got a new smoker today, and it's out back cooking me and my boyfriend a beer butt chicken right now. I'm from Texas, and started smoking last year because of how much I miss real good authentic TX BBQ now that I live here in Northern California. I started with a cheapo Charbroil vertical water smoker, but just today a friend gave me her New Braunfels Luckenbach model smoker. I hauled it home in my little car and fired it up, using the electric starter after I had no luck starting a fire without it in the wind.

Eventually I'd like to be able to make my fire without relying on the starter. Anyone have any tips on that? Today, with the starter, I used some charcoal briquets with mesquite chips I throw on top every once in a while.

Anyway I'm glad to find this forum, glad to be here, and glad to take any suggestions or advice any of you may have. I'm Holly, and my boyfriend Neil may also have questions from time to time. He's a yankee from Boston but I've made him a total convert to the slow-smoking way of BBQ. In fact, this new smoker was a surprise for his birthday. Boy is he happy with me right now!
Welcome Holly (and neil),

Glad to see you are getting your fair share of the BBQ. Don't forget the best BBQ come from[Boston] butt.

Be sure to crank up the digital camera and show pics.\

By the way, since you got a Luckenbach, did you listen to a little Willy or Waylon today? 8)
Holly..Neil....From another Yankee....Welcome...glad you found the forum...This is the right place to get your questions answered...lots of great friendly people here ready to help..don't be a stranger..

Again.. Welcome..

Welcome to the group. Hope you like living out here in the west. You will like hanging out here on the net, a lot of good BBQ information to be had.

You asked about starting fires, do you have a chimney starter? I find this to be the easiest way ever of lighting a good BBQ fire. about 2 sheets of newspaper in the bottom, a full bwl on top, light, go get a beer, and in 30 mins or so.....coals are perfect. On the few ocassions I had trouble getting the paper to light, I use a little oil {vegetable oil} on the paper, and problem is solved.
Nope, no chimney starter. I should see about getting one. Where should I look, and what should I look for? I've never seen one that I know of. I'm totally self-taught here, from the internet and tv shows and verbal advice and experimentation, so sometimes I don't know what equipment is called or what's out there.

The chicken took forever, and I am tired because I put it on kind of late to begin with and so was up late, but it was good and totally worth it!

(and I didn't listen to any Willie or Waylon, but I sung some while I set the smoker up.... "Luckenbach Texas, with Waylon and Willie and the boys!")
Here is a Weber chimney starter. You can find less expensive models, I myself purchased mine at a walgreens drug store about 2 years ago. it is breaking, and I need a new one. saw one for $10.00 at another drugstore, but did not grab it for some reason. I may go get one today. Home depot sells them as well.
Singing counts twice as much as listening to the songs :D

The charcoal chimney is definitly the way to go. $5 at wally world in Louisiana, Lowe's has em, home depot etc. Just try to block the wind while you get the paper going and it works great.
Holly, welcome to SMF. Glad you found us and I hope that you become a regular poster here. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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