Cajun Shrimp And Catfish Cake W/ Gravy & Cheesy Cayenne Grits (Pics)

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Apr 14, 2013
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We have a Fish sub forum and a Non-Fish/Seafood sub forum. This contains both so am posting in General Discussion. Last night was my second consecutive night of bachelorhood so decided to do more fish/seafood. Growing up in VA not too far from the Chesapeake Bay I fell in love with a good crab cake very early in life. Got that on the brain yesterday as what I wanted for dinner but didn't have any crab and didn't want to drive into town to get any. Hmmmm...I do have some large shrimp and some catfish fillets. This could work. Got a recipe for crab cakes from our friend Joe ( xray xray )and went with it. The amount of meat he used was far more than what I used so just shot from the hip with amounts. Added a little at a time till it looked right.

Shrimp and fish

Cut up into nice sized pieces and into a small skillet with some butter and Cajun seasoning to very lightly cook

Done as I want it to be for now. Let it cool for a bit then onto a stainless steel bowl

Add all the ingredients, mix up, and put into a small CI baking dish

Now to get the gravy going. Start with flour and butter for the roux

Add some veggie stock, Better Than Bouillon veggie base, and a nice shot of Cajun seasoning

Onto the grill on the top rack. Grill running about 350

While the seafood cake was on the grill I made some cheesy cayenne grits. Took 15 or 20 minutes for the cake to cook then plate dinner

Close up

This was really really good. The shrimp and catfish cake was outstanding but that gravy put it way over the top. One of my best gravy efforts to date. A couple of takeaways though. Next time I'm gonna form the cake and cook it on a CI griddle. It was not an easy task getting that thing out of the dish without it going to pieces. Secondly will be to back off with the Cajun seasoning just a bit. I didn't use any salt at all but the seasoning has salt in it and there was just a hint more than I care for. Not overpowering or distasteful, just needed a little less. Overall for a completely off-the-wall dinner I was very happy with the way it came out. It will get done again, that's a given. I'd bet that just about any combination of seafood or fish would work really well so opportunities are endless. I didn't measure anything at all for any of this but if anybody would like the list f ingredients for the seafood cake just say so.

Well I'm gonna bring this to a closure. Y'all have a great weekend and thanks for dropping in...again :emoji_laughing:

Man that is outstanding right there! Looks absolutely delicious and then to put some gravy over the top. I mean if you don't like that then you aren't American. A+ buddy on that one. LIKE!
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Looks great Robert!!! I'm a big fan of any type of seafood cakes.

Point for sure
Looks great. I love all things seafood. Amazing dish to just create out of what’s on hand. I wonder how a little andouille or the like would do in the cake? The shrimp and grits just has me thinking.
The seafood cake looks great Robert and that gravy over top sounds pretty god darn good too! I'm going to try making one with shrimp instead of crab because it's so expensive.

Very nicely done and I got to get the keto recipe posted.
Dang that looks great, you been on point all week or maybe longer lol
Looks fantastic Robert! Perfect side in those spicy cheese grits too. I had salmon patties last week. I’d like to try something similar to this as well as crab cakes next.
That looks great! Bev and I love Crabcakes. I just need to find affordable Crab Meat...JJ
Nice job Robert!
I love everything on the plate, as a matter of fact I have been eating grits for breakfast everyday for years. No cayenne in mine, just butter & pepper. Haven’t made crab cakes in a while, but you sure got me thinking!
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