Cajun Seafood Pasta

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Jun 21, 2007
I thought I'd try something diifferent since momma isn't home at the moment.
I boiled my shrimp & seafood mix and kosher salt in a muslin bag, then let it simmer for 30 minutes and removed the bag. I then brought the water back to a boil and added the pasta and let it boil until I had the desired texture (al dente) I wanted. While it was still boiling I added the shrimp for 3 minutes and then drained the whole thing in a colander. Poured it all back in the same pot and added EVOO, basil, and parmigan cheese, at last I added the lump crab meat I then I gently mixed it all up. You can use any kind of shrimp/crab boil mix, just contain it in a tea ball or musling bag. You can also re-season the salt as needed. The pasta takes on a great seafood flavoring and the chees compliments the seafood.


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