Cajun microwave???

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  1. When I lived Louisiana, they had a cooker call that stainless steel with wood or charcoal tray at top that you pulled out to add more,what type of cooking do ya call this
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    That would be pig roaster...suitable for whole hog, goat, sheep/lamb.

  3. No, I know how to cook whole hog in the ground or on BBQ pit with gas or wood,this is the size of a dormitorie refrigerator with two racks for ducks,rabbits, squirrels ect. With heat source on top in slide tray
  4. Smoke is correct. The Cajun Microwave is a roaster. They are basically like a large outdoor dutch oven. They come in sizes from large enough for a decent size pig to small enough for turkey.

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  5. Can you smoke with that type device, not as a roaster, but as a smoker
  6. I have never seen one that could be used for smoking. They are not designed to circulate air inside the cooking chamber.
  7. Thanks, was wondering if I built one,using fan out bottom do y'all think it will work??
  8. I am sure it could be made to work. You would have to introduce a smoke source also.

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    La Caja China is a commercial made Cajun microwave. Somewhere on the net there is a guy that rigged a smoke generator to pump smoke into the box while cooking. So yes it can be done.
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  10. Yes,was thinking heat an smoke coming from top,an using type fan,bath(fartfan) and regulating draft, pulling heat(smoke) down and out
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  12. I've been welding for yrs. Was just wondering if it can work
  13. Is it to much of a problem, getting the right amount of heat,smoke, and maintaing heat that way ???
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    I have a La Caja China and have mounted a Smoke Pistol on it and it works great.  I don't use it as just a smoker but while roasting  pig, I add smoke to enhance the flavour.

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