Butterball Turkey Roasts

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Smoke Blower
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Feb 9, 2009
Minot, ND
Needed to smoke something so I picked a few of these up at the store.  Did some once before and I brined them not realizing they are packed in brine solution so they were a little salty, these 4 i injected with some cranberry and cranberry-strawberry juice with a little garlic and onion powder, and a little cajun seasoning.  Smoked them at about 250* to an internal temp of about 160*-165*, they turned out great, I let them cool and then i slice thin for sammies.

VirginiaSmoke, they come with the nets on them, as they are a couple pieces of breast meat put together, these probably aren't the best cuts, but they are easy to smoke and when sliced thin they great sandwiches.  My favorite is to make a grilled turkey and swiss wit these.
I will say that I prefer the ball white meat roasts, I bought two of the white/dark meat and don't care for them as much.
 I have done several of these and they're always great. I usually take the net off and just tie it or do a bacon wrap. The nets can be hard to get out of the meat sometimes after cooking. They are available no flavor added, Mesquite, and Cajun here at the local Meijers. We LOVE the Cajun but no smoked turkey is bad IMHO.   :)
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Harley, I think the dark is a little more moist, but I don"t care for the connective stuff in it, it's kind of rubbery.

Smoking Gun, that net is kind of difficult to remove I am going to try tying or bacon next time, as far as the flavored ones I have not ween them but they sound delicious.
I got a couple smoking now with a few different pork loins I am taking to a Mothers day picnic...the Turkey was injected with Cranberry, butter, variety of herbs including garlic, wrapped them in Bacon up to 150*, removed the bacon and will let stay on the grill till we hit 160....then sear on the grill if need be.
If you don't mind me asking, what kind of cook time for these.  They look great and I'm thinking of doing a couple of these this weekend.
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