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Butter vs EVOO


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Hey Smokers,

Has anyone used butter instead of EVOO or mustard as a binding element for your rub? I have used butter with foil but never from the beginning. Any comments would be helpful. Thanks.


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I dont use anything..Just SPOG and it sticks just fine..

When it comes out of the fridge wrapped at cook time it has melted in.


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I use clarified butter on my Prime Rib Roasts. I have also used EVOO as well as clarified butter just to try each and I'm with fpnmf, I just put the rub/seasonings on the meat - no evoo or butter.


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What is Clarified Butter?  Never heard of it before

Thanks Rich


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I have tried mustard - evoo- butter and clarified butter. I have gone back to nothing like Craig and Alesia 


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I do not use anything either but if I had to use one of those 2 dang man it would be Butter !


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I'm easy    MEAT  +   RUB   +    FIRE   =  Greta Food

chef jimmyj

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There are people that have used all the techniques described above. For instance the application of Rub directly on the meat allows the salt and sugar to draw out moisture then as the moisture is absorbed back into the meat the Water soluble flavors go to. They theory of using Oil or Butter is that Fat soluble flavors can by brought out of the rub and enhance the meat and the fat helps with a crispy bark or skin on poultry. I have never used any type of fat and usually alternate between rubbing the meat directly and using Mustard. Depends on my mood and if we have mustard in the house...JJ


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What is the reason behind using mustard?  Is it just to add another flavor profile to the meat?  I've never tried the mustard as base for the rub method. Usually just go with rub applied directly to meat.


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maybe its' just me, but i don't find EVO to be a real binding agent. what i find is that when I don't foil, EVO seam to protect the rib from drying out and most cases, I don't have to mop for the first 1-3 hrs.

just to add a wrinkle here :) I saw a vid that said use apple cider vinegar because it opens the pours of the meat and lets the run really get in there. i'm still testing that out. rub down with Apple cider vinegar, coat with a sugarless rub, sit for 30 to 60 mins then coat with brown sugar(for a crust).

i have a problem. i can't leave well enough alone :) I'm looking to get some separation in the bite profile sweet above the crust and heat under. 

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