Butt & Shoulder

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Jan 13, 2013
Charlotte, NC
So I'm doing my weekly Butt smoke and my daughter's friend says "hey, if I bring you a Butt, will you smoke it for me?" while waving a bit o' cash at me. How could I say no?

So around 10 last night he drops of his 10lb hunk o' love and takes off. I go to prep it and it's a Picnic. I call, he says no biggie, smoke the piggie!

So I have the beauties in the smoker. I'm running 300-ish because we prefer the flavor produced by a bit high temp.

My question is, what do I need to watch out for with the Picnic? I would have liked to injected, but it was late, and lol, I was already sauced [emoji]128540[/emoji] I don't want it to dry out. Should I spritz with juice, apple vinager, baste it with a bit of an apple jelly concoction? I know we don't want to wrap it, he likes the bark.
Here's what the Porky Goodness looked like going into their Pork Love Machine [emoji]128522[/emoji][emoji]10084[/emoji]️[emoji]9832[/emoji]️[emoji]128055[/emoji]
It does not need anything different than a Butt. The only issue is if the hock end was skinned and trimmed of fat, not likely, it would get overcooked and somewhat dry...JJ
Chef, are you saying I shouldn't have trimmed the skin? Darn it! Last time I asked this question I was instructed to skin it....
You can wrap that end to keep it moist and it will be fine. The only reason I mentioned it is because you smoke at a higher temp. There is less of a drying issue at 225°. I too trim some of the skin but not the last 5-6" just to protect the hock meat. After it is all pulled and mixed there is no noticeable difference even though the skin covered end gets less smoke...JJ 
They look like they turned out prefect.  I don't skin a picnic. I like to cut diamond pattern serrations in the skin, rub it down and toss em the smoker. When it's time to pull the pork the skin comes of very easily. Most of the time on one sheet!  

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