Busy Day

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Dec 25, 2010
Rineyville, KY
Had a pretty busy day today. Smoked sausage, cheese and some bacon.

Sausage mixed, cured, stuffed and ready for smoke.


I would cut one up but they are getting vac sealed and sent to my sister in Calif for a party. Wish i could deliver em in person.


Did some cold smoked cheese to.



awsome.............. I do have to say you are one sausage making expert. I cannot find the time or the energy you have. I am trying  to get some abts going and i run into so many tasks, besides work and the needs of family and friends it seems like every one comes first exept for the things I love to do. Hats off to ya for some exellent work. I hope you can make the event in florida this year. I will be attending the event and hopefully I will have the pleasure of meeting you........

There's no end to your sausage-making greatness!!!

Keep it up, and you'll have to get a higher rating than "Pennsylvania Sausage King"!!!

What do you have to do & how do you send that Smoked Sausage to CA??


Now it looks like you have the hook up there now. I don't see how you are venting that sausage and bacon smoker thou. It all looks awesome thou. keep it up.
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