Building A Smoker Into My Truck Bed

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by ikemichel, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. I've got a '63 Chevy truck that I use as my daily driver. I go to several car shows around Texas, and they won't let you bring your grill in. But, if it were built into my truck I could get around that. So, I've got ideas, and I've researched it, but can't find anyone who's done this. Is there a reason nobody does this, or am I just not finding the people who have? 

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    Hmmm, don't know Isaac.  I personally haven't heard of that kind of build.  Maybe some of the handier, more creative minds will weigh in.  I'm intrigued, if you go forward with such a project, please post your progress.

    BTW, this looks like your first post.  When you get the chance, stop over in the Roll Call Forum and introduce yourself.  It'll give the members here a chance to give you a proper SMF welcome.

    Good luck and Happy Smokin'...

  3. I have contemplated this very idea many times. I will have to wait for the little ones get a little older before I can start on a project that I KNOW will end up going way over budget. Nevermind the difficulty that would come with trying to explain to the wife what I will be doing with a perfectly good truck.
  4. The truck I am wanting to use is already a very rough tuck that could use a cab transplant, but the best thing I have going for me is a wife that is okay with me doing this to my daily driver, my biggest problem is time to do it. The biggest technical chalenge is that I want to have everything concealed so that its not too obvious
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    Sounds like a cool idea - what about building it into a truck box? Looks like it belongs, totally concealable (if that's a word), and wouldn't break the bank too much to use a big diamond plate steal dealy.

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