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Brisket x3 w/qview


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Got a 14lb brisket yesterday,  Attempted to seperate the point and flat, but since chefrob has not flown to KC give a "cutting" seminar I turned the one packer into 3 pieces

Put them on around 11 at 240 using cherry and hickory.  After 5 hours probed all 3 and this is where we are:

This piece was rubbed with Big Rons Original Rub, at 168, wrapped in foil and back into the smoker

This piece I used only salt and pepper on, at 165, wrapped in foil and back into smoker

And this little guy was at 190, wrapped in foil, nestled in a towel and into the cooler.

Woohoo, finally figured out the easiest way to get my pics to come out in order!!!!

Will update with pics as they finish


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Now thats one fine looking hunks of brisket you have there Mrs B. I can't wait for the real money shots.
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This is the small one sliced

This one I sliced and chopped

This one I sliced a few pieces off each end.  Taking the rest of it to try freezing it

All had good flavor, the smallest one was a little dry but not terribly. 

Thanks for looking


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Looks great Mrs B,

Great job!!!!!! All the pics I can see look very tasty and in need of being eaten.

Once you separate a couple big oll hunks it really isn't to bad of a job. I used to dread it but by doing the last bunch myself I was able to buy twice as much meat considering the lower price on the packers. That in itself inspired me to get better at the separation process.

In all honesty, you may have turned out better then a whole since you were better able to monitor the temps.

P.S......If the leftovers stick around to long shoot me a PM and I will head north for a snack.

Again Great Work.


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Beautiful color! those all look great - thanks for sharing.  Those look so good, makes me want to get a brisket on this week!


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Aint nothing wrong with those.

smokey mo

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Those all look great! Which of the three did you like best? 

I have a 14lb-er in the freezer right now just waiting the big build to get done.  Hoping in the next 8 weeks to be seasoning and trying it out on brisket. 

The good thing about having the point is the Man Candy ( or MrsB candy ie. burnt ends).  My friends always show up when I have some going. Funny, huh.

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