Brisket done too soon!

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psycho dad

Smoke Blower
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Jan 2, 2012
Suffolk, VA
Hey Guys, 

I put on a 4 lb brisket last night about 1:00, thinking it would be done in the afternoon. I was going to let it rest 2-3 hours and have for dinner.

 Unfortunately, brisket was done at 11:00.

Should I leave it in the cooler covered in towels all day, or refrigerate and reheat?

What is the best method for reheating?

Wrapped in towels, and then the negative space filled in the cooler with other towels or pillows will allow a larger brisket to hold its heat for 5+ hours. A 4Lb. should hold for close to that maybe as long.

If that fits in your window for the meal, you should be fine.
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In the cooler now. Double foil and towels or blankets to fill gaps will keep it hot about 5 hours or so. Even if the IT drops below 140, don't sweat it as you went in Sterile and no bacteria is going to get in a sealed cooler, work it's way through the towels, drill through two layer of foil and have the time or energy to multiply...You will be fine...JJ
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